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#Relationships: 5 Ways To Use Erotic Eye Contact During Foreplay

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Back in my day (I am not an octogenarian though my constant backaches tell a different story), the first interaction with a cutie was always the eye contact. I am talking about the time when I was in college, and instead of being immersed in our dating apps, we looked around. My first crush in college lasted for a week, and in the middle of the lecture, we used to steal glances at each other. The most amazing moment was when our eyes met in the chemistry lab and he couldn’t even blink. Well, his test-tube got overheated and it exploded and we broke into peals of laughter.

Eye contact is really powerful and often, makes for sizzling chemistry. Of course, it really matters how you do it because it can have a variety of meanings. It can mean ‘I despise you’, ‘I’m your potential stalker’ or the good one – ‘I want to make passionate love to you’. “In flirting eye contact, the gaze happens more often, is held for a longer length of time and is more intense,” social anthropologist Jean Smith is quoted by The Face. And if that can make the butterflies in your tummy break into what seems like a ritualistic dance, imagine what eye contact would do to you during foreplay. It just makes everything so much more intense, and you so much hornier. But it’s an art that you must learn, so you make full use of this horny-fying tool! Here’s when and how to make eye contact during foreplay.

  1. While stripping

This can literally be a visual treat for him and make his soldier rather impatient! When taking your clothes off, surprise him with a few playful moments of eye contact as you throw your shirt on the floor. It will not just make him feel hornier looking at you strip but your confidence will make him want to watch you do that on loop!

  1. Between kisses

Ah, the best thing about kisses is the moment when you break the kiss and look into each other’s eyes for a few seconds. And that feeling is so intense, so moving that you just can’t resist another one. Each time you kiss, it’s more passionate. That’s because the eye contact brings a spike in your oxytocin levels, making you feel more lovingly for each other. Next time you’re playing tongue tennis, place your hands on his cheeks, look into his eyes, and give him a little Eskimo kiss. It will make you a lot wetter!

  1. During a blowjob

I think most women are too shy to make eye contact during a blowjob and so am I. It’s not something I can pull off naturally, without consciously deciding to do so. Not like I have a problem with it, but it’s just a bit intimidating or embarrassing, for the lack of a better term. It makes me feel more vulnerable and bold at the same time. And that’s probably what makes it even more attractive to him. I don’t mean constantly staring at him while you’re at it. But looking up once or twice and making playful eye contact with him would be comfortable both for you and him, more for him. However, believe me, after you get over your inhibition and shyness, you will love how sexy and confident it makes you feel.

  1. In Lotus sex position

In this sex position, you sit on his lap, facing him and with your legs wrapped around him. This position allows for the Karezza method, in which you remain in the plateau phase of arousal by delaying orgasm. Why would you do that? Because it makes the eventual orgasm even more explosive and the sex feels so much more satisfying. You can rock him in this position while spending time hugging and kissing him, and flirting with your eyes.

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  1. While cuddling

Spooning is good, but have you cuddled facing each other, looking into each other’s eyes? Just lying down, talking about anything under the sun, and laughing in that position is so rejuvenating. “Neurological research has suggested that eye contact plays an important role in allowing two people to get a sense of one another’s emotional and mental states. In other words, eye contact allows us to transcend tendencies toward objectification and connect with our partner in a deeper, more authentic, and intimate way,” Daniel Sher, a clinical psychologist told The Face. That almost always guarantees round two!

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