5 Reasons Why You Should Totally Ignore Your Ex Like Kareena Kapoor Ignored Shahid Kapoor. Just Say “Whatever”!

Out of sight, out of mind!
5 Reasons Why You Should Totally Ignore Your Ex Like Kareena Kapoor Ignored Shahid Kapoor. Just Say “Whatever”!

Breakups are never easy but when it comes to dealing with your ex, sometimes the best approach is to hit that “ignore” button and never look back. Recently, at the DPIFF, Kareen Kapoor Khan breezed right past Shahid Kapoor as if he were a potted plant in a crowded room – completely invisible! It was like a scene from a silent movie, with Shahid playing the eager puppy and Kareena the oblivious starlet, strutting her stuff without a care in the world (at least that’s what netizens claim happened). Fans have been churning out memes about this incident, and the conversations are hilarious! While we feel sorry for Shahid, we also kind of admire how Kareena just walked away without even noticing him. It’s like she’s showing us how to ignore your ex without even trying. It’s impressive, in a way and here is why you should take notes from her!

Kareena walking past Shahid completely ignoring him 🫢
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Emotional Rollercoaster Kyu Chahiye?

Remember that time you binge-watched a soap opera and couldn’t get off the emotional rollercoaster? Well, staying in touch with your ex is like signing up for a never-ending drama series. By ghosting them (after the breakup), you’re hitting the pause button on the drama in your life and giving yourself a much-needed break from the chaos.

Closure Schmosure

Who needs closure when you can have closure-free fun? Ignoring your ex means you get to skip the awkward conversations, the overanalyzing texts, and the emotional turmoil that comes with trying to tie up loose ends after breaking up. Who needs closure when you can have pizza and Netflix while enjoying your me-time instead? As much as I appreciate communication, sometimes it makes you over-analyse situations unnecessarily. Ab kar diya breakup toh let it go and go back to living your life.

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Boundary Zaroori Hai

Ignoring your ex is like putting up a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door of your heart. You’re setting boundaries like a boss and showing yourself some much-deserved self-respect. Setting boundaries is the healthiest way of keeping your emotions in your hands. Plus it’s way easier than trying to navigate the murky waters of post-breakup communication.

Growth Important Hai!

Breakups are like fertilizer for personal growth, but you can’t sprout new wings if you’re still stuck in the past. By ignoring your ex at least for a while, you’re giving yourself the space to spread your wings. In the meanwhile why not try new things, and discover the fabulous, independent person you were always meant to be?

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Moving On Is The Priority

Life’s too short to dwell on the past, especially when there’s a whole world of adventure waiting for you out there. Ignoring your ex is like giving yourself a one-way ticket to Funland. It will allow you to heal and better yourself for the new experiences coming your way. Also, there is no timeline for moving on, and I believe that taking your time to deal with heartbreaks is the best way to build your character.

So there you have it – five hilariously good reasons to ignore your ex and start living your best life. Remember, the only thing better than closing the chapter on your past is opening a brand-new book filled with laughter, love, and endless possibilities. So go ahead, hit that “ignore” button, and let the ghosting games begin!

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