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5 Life Lessons Being An Aunt Teaches You

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They say that having a kid teaches you a lot about love, life, and the universe. But, must you pop one of your own in order to become wiser? Playing the cool aunt is all very well, but make no mistake, when your sibling becomes a parent, there are lessons in it for you as well! Here’s what you learn when you become an aunt.

1. You learn to be patient

Because a kid is a kid whether they are your own, or someone else’s. If you’re going to be spending time with your niece or nephew, you will have to be patient as they tell you for the 79th time why they named their plush toy Samuel.

2. You learn that being cool comes with responsibility

Yep, that cool aunt you want to be won’t happen if you’re reckless. You are still the adult and are responsible for the safety of this little kid. This pretty much applies to everything in life. Cool does not mean reckless.

3. You learn to be less judgemental of parents

Because you learn that parenting is all-consuming. Everything does become about your child, and that’s just the way it is!

4. You have all this parenting information that your peers don’t

You know more about milestones, Lego, and kids’ fascination with their own poop than your friends who aren’t aunts or uncles yet.

5. You realise that this is a great way to evaluate if you want to have kids of your own

You begin to treat this as a test run for a future you were always undecided about. By the time you have to decide to have a kid of your own, you will be certain if it is something you really want or not, because you’ll have learnt what it takes. Well, kind of.

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