How To Get Over A Situationship Breakup? 6 Tips To Help You Move On

It's just a situation!
How To Get Over A Situationship Breakup? 6 Tips To Help You Move On

We’ve all been in a place between hooking up with someone or liking them but it’s not a relationship, hai na? It’s like you’re in a situation with someone that feels like a relationship. You enjoy spending time with them and it feels like a complete relationship and all signs of a relationship but it’s just not. Well, welcome to the situationship. Situationships are the mortal hell of relationships and they’re on a rise thanks to the generational trauma we’re all experiencing which has been triggered a little by the time we all lost amid the Covid-19 pandemic. But we’re also witnessing a spike in the worst breakup of all time – a situationship breakup.

Some people in situationships end up getting lucky and it turns into a relationship but it doesn’t always work out in our favour. Sometimes situationships come to an end in the most painful manner i.e., with a breakup. And let me tell you this, situationship breakups are real and extremely painful. It can be the most heartwrenching feeling as something like a relationship, something which could’ve been so much more comes to an end leaving one with so many whys and what-ifs. To add to it, most of us cannot even call it an actual breakup since it lacks an essential ingredient of a breakup – a relationship! This is what makes is so much tougher to move on but fret not because we’ve got your back. Here are some tips to get over a situationship breakup.

How To Get Over A Situationship Breakup?

1. It Is A Real Breakup!

First things first, understand that this is just like any other breakup even if it wasn’t a relationship. If we can have friendship breakups and call them real, why not situationship breakups? Call a spade, a spade and a situationship breakup, a situationship breakup. This is the first step in your process to move on.

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2. It’s Okay To Feel What You’re Feeling

Most of us tend to shut down and run away from what we feel during a situationship breakup because it just doesn’t feel okay to feel the way we feel. But understand and accept that you’re allowed to feel what you’re feeling. Open yourself up to feelings and grieve your loss. Processing your feelings is the only way forward. There are no shortcuts there.

3. The Pain Isn’t Gonna Disappear

More than anything else, it’s important that you accept the harsh reality that your pain isn’t going anywhere. Just like a normal breakup, all your feeling will come rushing back every now and then. You’ll have flashbacks and the pain of your loss will remain for a while before it starts fading away. Don’t try to rush yourself to move on and find another situation(ship).

4. Stop Blaming Yourself

Most people tend to blame themselves for landing themselves in this situation and situationship. But remember to be kind to yourself and show yourself the empathy that you’d show someone dealing with a situationship breakup. You might have enabled your situationship partner, sure but you’re not at fault for your heartbreak. It was just a situation. Let it go and quit blaming yourself for being stupid. Trust me, I’ve done it and it doesn’t help the cause.

5. Know Your Takeaways

It’s going to sound super duper cliché but everything that happens in our lives happens for a reason and instead of crying over spilt milk, it’s best that you spend your time looking back at your situationship and learning the lessons that your heartbreak was meant to teach you. This will help you understand what went wrong and where you went wrong. It might be tough but take that life lesson and make a note of it.

6. Give Yourself Another Chance

While it’s essential to learn from your past and your situationship breakup, it’s also essential that you don’t start distrusting yourself. Have faith in yourself and hope in life. Trust yourself enough to give love another chance but don’t rush into it. DO NOT jump into another situationship. Give yourself time to heal before you open yourself up to another relationship.

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Situationships can be hard but stay strong and learn to lean on your loved ones for support as you move on. If need be, seek professional help from a therapist. It’s nothing to shy away from.

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