How To Have Sex When You Are Living With Your In-Laws? Here Are 5 Tips!

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How To Have Sex When You Are Living With Your In-Laws? Here Are 5 Tips!

Indians are still not used to or okay with the concept of nuclear families. It is also expected of a newlywed couple to stay with the joint family, and eyebrows are raised and a lot of drama ensues if they do not want to. Now, living in a family with in-laws not just comes with responsibilities but also makes you ask the one BIG question – how to keep the intimacy solid despite being surrounded by people most of the time? So, if you are someone who is living with in-laws, here are some tips on how you can keep your sex life going strong!

1. Make time for sex when your in-laws are not around

If you tell me you need to be in the mood to have sex whenever the in-laws are not around, let me tell you something. The sneaky glances, the enticing touches under the table and the dirty text messages will build anticipation for you. So, you can immediately get to having sex when your in-laws are not around.

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2. Invest in bed stoppers

These stoppers are life savers and will stop the bed from creaking if you are having sex while your in-laws are at home. Now, you can enjoy yourselves without worrying about the creaking of the bed.

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3. Buy an air cooler to cancel your moaning

Air coolers make a lot of noise and it will easily conceal the moaning and other sexual noises you make inside the bedroom!

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4. Indulge in oral sex

Oral sex is one of the best practices to inculcate if you want to remain sexually satisfied as a couple. Go down on each other and kisi ko pata nahi chalega!

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5. Plan weekend getaways or weekend staycations

Plan weekend getaways with your partner and book a hotel for two days. Instead of spending your time roaming around all day, have sex all you want and no one will disturb you!

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So, ladies and gents, try these tips to keep your bed always warm even if you are living with your in-laws!

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