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How Stubborn Is Your Boyfriend? Take This Quiz To Find Out

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I feel I am an evolved stubborn person. Deep down, I am stubborn, just like Monica Gellar. I like having things my way and all of that. But I understand that it’s unfair, so I have evolved to see things from the other person’s perspective. Or go along with plans that aren’t really according to my convenience and preference. That’s not a natural instinct but with practice I have aced it.

Considering that I have practiced hard to get rid of this flaw, I’d want a partner who is willing to be open and flexible too. Believe me, I have dated a man who was very stubborn and it didn’t work out. If I were submissive, maybe it would. But I am not and I don’t have it in me to always be the one compromising. I am okay with us having different opinions, as long as he is flexible enough to open his mind and not just shooting ideas down.

Having said that, every couple is different. I mean Ross is stubborn too but Rachel is more flexible and they balance it out. Between Monica and Chandler, the latter is the flexible one. What do you mean we can’t refer to Friends for relationship lessons?

Take this quiz and find out how stubborn your boyfriend is.

Mostly As:

There are walls that are more flexible than your boyfriend. There are trees that are less deeply-rooted than him. The man defies logic, reasoning and we’re just glad he is not aspiring to become a judge because clearly evidence has nothing on him. Here’s hoping you have the compassion to find some of it endearing and the patience to not indulge in an argument when you don’t. Because let’s face it, he won’t budge. And you’ll just waste your energy. If he’s a gem otherwise and this is his fatal flaw, there’s still hope. Talk to him about it but I wouldn’t pin my hopes on agreeing to be stubborn. Only your patience can keep the wheels turning.

Mostly Bs:

Maybe your boyfriend is usually right. Maybe he always has been a leader. And somewhere he just forgot how to be a normal, accommodating person. He is not right a 100% of times but he thinks he is. You need to be a total smart ass, who can challenge him time to time. But the trick is to do it when you are very confident of breaking his stubbornness. You may, you may not. But it will be fun to watch his stubbornness feel tremors. He is a man who moves, but not easily.


Mostly Cs:

Your man is strongly opinionated, and has strong likes and dislikes. Like most of us, he believes he is right in what he does and thinks. All of us do that. Some of us are a little more open to new things and ideas. He closes like the mimosa plant when a new idea threatens to move past his boundaries. Well, he comes around though because you’re a queen and you don’t encourage his stubborn behaviour.

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