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Guys Reveal The Little Things Their Girlfriends Do That Make Them Happy. Ladies, You’ll Be Surprised

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Once I asked this guy I absolutely adore what is it that makes him feel drawn towards me. And while I was expecting responses that were based on appearance or sex appeal, he took me by surprise by saying the most beautiful things ever. He said he likes that I am witty and that we find the same things funny. He also said that I am very supportive and motivating and a few other things. Firstly, I often underestimate myself and had no clue that he thought that way about me. Secondly, I felt like blasting him with a canon full of awws because this is really so cute. This is how it should be, right? Like I don’t want a guy who is attracted to me as long as I turn up in a hot outfit. I appreciate a guy who is attracted to me with the things that go beyond superficialities.

The thing is, it doesn’t always have to be about sex, and don’t let your experience on dating apps tell you otherwise. When you connect with someone genuinely, the things you find attractive about them will surprise you. There are so many little things that make us feel happy. I feel happy when I make him laugh; when he gives me an extra hard squeeze while hugging when he pulls my leg, etc. I essentially feel very calm yet excited in his presence and it has nothing to do with anything sexual.

But what are those little things that make men happy in our presence? Until he revealed those things, I had really no clue about it. I believe we keep these little things to ourselves, and just smile when it happens – unless we are specifically asked for it. I believe expressing and communicating is good and it just makes you feel special.

And if you’re curious to know too, I found a treasure online– a thread in which men spoke about the non-sexual ways their partner makes them feel happy. Most of these were so adorable! Like we have been so unaware that bae notices these little things.

Recently, a TikToker user posted a video asking guys to describe “small, but actually significant” things that made them happy with their SOs. While we don’t have access to the video but Bored Panda uploaded the responses and they just got me feeling so full of joy. The video received almost 70,000 responses.

Some guys said cuddling got them feeling happy. A guy wrote, “when ya’ll are cuddling and she digs her face into the little gap between your shoulder and neck and u can just feel how safe she feels w u.” That’s so cute.

Another user wrote, “When she calls me when she is so excited about something in her life, and im the first person she wants to tell. I adore her while she talks.” Well, we tend to do that, don’t we? Just wanting to say anything and everything to him is beautiful and makes him feel special too.

A guy said, “When my head was in her lap and she was scratching my head with her nails.” Yeah, that oughta feel good. Do you do this too?

“When she is the goofiest person in the world but also my goofiest person in the world,” wrote a user. I guess being goofy is cool and it makes people around you naturally feel happy!

A guy felt happy when his gal just couldn’t be done with one hug. “When she ran back for one more hug,” he wrote. Well, we are greedy for affection!

“Holding her tightly without a care in the world as she slowly falls asleep,” wrote another guy. That is the best feeling. I can fall asleep within two mins of cuddling with someone I love, usually, it’s just my cat.

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Take a look at these responses and see how many can you relate to!

How many of these things do you do? I do quite a few; I must be such a joy to be around! But if there’s one thing I really want to try is slow dancing on the street when there’s no one around. I have always wanted to try it because it seems so romantic!

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