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As Friendships Day Inches Closer, Here Are Some Things My Besties Do That Are Annoying But Forgivable Because I Love Them!

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25 years of my life and the most difficult part of it all was making friendships that lasted a lifetime. Because I studied in girls convent school twice and let me tell you one thing about them – they raise little brats! Maybe it is the progesterone-filled environment or just the fact that there are no boys around, we imbibe a snarky attitude and our heads are always in seventh heaven. This makes it very difficult to forge friendships that will even last after the schooling phase is over. So, yeah! I do not have childhood best friends or even friends from high school as I have lost touch with them all after we chose different careers post-college.

The only best friend I had since junior college was my boyfriend (who is now my fiance, BTW). But that changed in 2020 when I was pursuing my Masters. I found two crackpots who tuned into my shaky frequency and we have been inseparable ever since (nazar na large humari dosti ko)! So, my social circle is literally a triangle right now and I am not complaining because quality over quantity, y’ll!

It is August and amid the sea of all the festivals, there is one day commemorated to celebrate friendship. And what better opportunity than this to write about the things my best friends do which are super annoying but there is nothing I can do about it because I signed up for their madness, and also because I love them dearly and unconditionally!

Starting off with my fiance. Oh my! I don’t think I will be able to write about all the annoying things he does because the list is so so long! But starting off with the one that pops up in my mind immediately is his innate ability to find double meaning from my statements when we will be talking about the most serious things. This changes the entire course of the conversation and what we were originally talking about gets lost.

Don’t even get me started on how picky he is about food, clothes, shoes, watches and literally EVERYTHING! I know it doesn’t sound too bad but trust me, I have been on the receiving end of it and it is neither a cute nor a pretty trait.

Now, it’s time for my girl besties. These lovely ladies have been a part of my life for over three years now and let’s just say, we have been through a lot as a group. Naturally, not everything is sunshine and rainbows between us, too. So, here’s what I do not like about my girlies but cannot do anything about it. So here we go!

It is absolutely annoying that our time never matches. One of them always has a reason to bail out of a plan that was getting made after 1264747 years anyway. So, the plan has to be postponed to a God-knows-which-date in the future. And there is no guarantee that this whole thing is not going to happen then. *sigh*

There never has been a day to date when the three of us have agreed upon a common restaurant, food joint or meeting place. Each one has their own suggestions which aren’t feasible to the other two and half the time goes into deciding just this. But the best part is, we always end up going to the places I suggest! So, yaaay!

There has been a record with the three of us that during adverse times in each one’s lives, we have done things which should not have been done in the first place. Those things were a strict no-no but we did it anyway which caused all the more issues! And we had to huddle up and help the one stuck to get out of that mess.

Aah, last but never least, getting back with their TOXIC exes. Both my girlies have done this in the past and I don’t know whether I want to smack them in the face or go get their eyes checked because I don’t know what they saw in those toxic men. But neither of them has done this in a while and I hope this peace continues in my life a little longer!

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Irrespective of my friends’ annoying traits, I would still sing the song “Yeh dosti, hum nahi todenge” for them!

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