Films And Dating In Modern Era: Not Kundali Or Cooking Skills But Your Watchlist Can Help You Find Your Perfect Match

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Films And Dating In Modern Era: Not Kundali Or Cooking Skills But Your Watchlist Can Help You Find Your Perfect Match

If you ask me what’s easier, mugging up formulas from a physics textbook, or learning the chemistry of romance, I’d happily choose the former. Why? Because giving and receiving love, and finding the one, is a task, that most of us from Generation Z are struggling with. From suffocating and surviving in unlabelled situationships to looking for mathematics in compatibility, finding “the one” is like buying a ticket to the boat ride, and being pushed to be seated on a roller coaster. Made sense? No, right? So, doesn’t dating to many of us.

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Besides knowing and getting on the nerves of your partner, the “bandwidth” to hop on this journey is shrinking with every new da(y)te. And credits due to Bollywood, our idea of romance, is as delusional, as every girl’s expectations to find her SRK. Strangled by expectations, modern romance is breathing heavily with the hope of “let’s see where this goes.” And during this process of figuring it out, we sit together with potentials, spending long hours over dates. From libraries, clubs, and coffee to drinks, there’s nothing unattended.

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As we sip on a cup of coffee, closely skimming through the soul of this new person, our parameters of interest expand and squeeze with every new conversation. In contrast with ancient times, when our parents found each other, on the basis of kundli and cooking skills, playlists and watchlists are helping gauge compatibility. A guy praising Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Animal soon becomes a turn-off to the modern Indian girl, and so does she, when enquired about her almost-dead knowledge on F1.

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Playing a key role in finding your match are films that spoil, cater and support your idea of the perfect partner. As an often opted spot for dates, cinema, became a home to potential romance, both on screen and on the dazzling recliners. A love language, if I may say so, the idea of replicating romance from movies, and sharing your watchlist with a loved one became another route to get intimate. As rightly researched and shared by Bumble’s Modern Romance Report 2024, the pleasure of watching movies and shows together brings Indians closer as a majority (77%) of Indian respondents believe that shared watching experiences are important when dating someone. With content a click away, movie marathons are a clear hit as 74% of single Indians surveyed say binge-watching movies or web series makes for great dates.

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What strikes me as a surprise, was not just the experience of sharing a screen with your date, but following up on the postmortem of the film’s concept. Unravelling and decoding the little details, brought potential partners, closer than ever. Supporting this, the report also suggests, 73% of single Indians believe movie dates are great for getting intimate (eg: holding hands, kissing, cuddling, etc) with someone.

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More than the act of watching, the idea of taking the next step, gave birth to the concept of “Netflix and chill.” Umm…I hope you know what I meant. What decorates the idea of a movie date, with some additional joy is spending quality time, and unleashing some hidden secrets through the film’s plot.

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Besides bringing partners together, your taste in films also has the potential of getting you instantly cancelled as a commonly used indicator of pop culture and popular opinions. Come to me, and talk about your love for Kabir Singh, and I smell misogyny to swipe an instant left. The report also suggests that close to 75% of single Indians believe that their date’s opinions about a movie or show help to understand them or gauge compatibility. In fact, for 71% of single Indians, it is important that their date shares the same taste in movies or show genres as them.

Not just your watchlist, but the playlist plays the protagonist in helping you find your potential. The joy of listening to music together, with a single-ear phone, plugged into two ears, the act of sharing tunes, is another road to intimacy and love. Auto rides and merged playlists bring two people closer, unleashing their common taste for music. So, allow movies and music to help you say “I love you,” to the match of your dream!

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