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Anita Hassanandani Talks About Getting Pregnant At 39 And How She Managed To Keep It A Secret

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If you’ve been following Anita Hassanandani on Instagram, you are probably smitten by the kind of chemistry she shares with her husband Rohit Reddy. Throughout the lockdown, Anita’s videos with her Rohit makes you go aww – the way she goofs around him is just so adorable. And in spite of watching her social media content the past few months, here we are, so pleasantly surprised by the news of Anita Hassanandani’s pregnancy!

“See, luckily or whatever, but because of the Covid situation, I didn’t have to step out, so nobody has seen me. I was literally locked inside the house, that made it slightly easy. It is difficult of course, keeping this news, but we managed and also realised that we are good at it,” Anita told TOI.

The couple got married in 2013 and mesmerized everyone with their chemistry in Nach Baliye in 2019. Did they feel pressured to start a family, as most couples do? “We had never felt the pressure to start a family from either of our families. However, after ‘Nach Baliye’, we felt that we were ready to embrace parenthood. With the lockdown, the timing seemed perfect. We got to spend a lot of time with each other and decided to go for it. At the end of the day, it’s God’s plan, and Rohit and I can’t be more excited about it,” Anita Hassanandani said.

At 29, honestly, I have heard enough about why I should marry on time and make babies on time. And I don’t understand what is this time if it’s not when you feel ready in all aspects. There are so many well-intended aunties trying to explain how it’s difficult for women to conceive with age. Anita Hassanandani too was overwhelmed with the age factor but things changed when she got pregnant, naturally. “The age-factor did play on my mind. Many people told me that it’s going to be tough, it overwhelms you. But once I conceived naturally, I realized that age is just a number. You need to be mentally and physically fit for everything to fall in place. Jo naseeb mein likha hota hai, woh toh hota hi hai. Today, Rohit and I feel well-settled—we are financially and mentally in a place where we are ready to have a child,” the 39-year-old mom-to-be expressed.

Pregnancy isn’t a piece of cake, even if it seems like it to the rest of the world. I have been talking to my sister who is pregnant too and there are so many things we don’t even think of. “I am someone who goes with the flow. Right now, the COVID situation is serious, but the idea is not to take undue stress because if God has planned it for you in a certain way, he has definitely thought of everything. If you are at peace, sab smoothly ho jaata hai,” Anita Hassanandani said. Well, she is such a vivacious gal!

Our bodies are different. For some women, pregnancy can be difficult even in their 20s and for some, conceiving isn’t a problem in their 30s either. Either way, I am glad that Anita Hassanandani’s pregnancy will remind women that it isn’t impossible and it’s okay to take your chances. It’s still better than starting a family according to our society’s timelines. But again, it’s your body and you need to have a realistic view of your own health to understand how things can work for you. Meanwhile, being fit and healthy is a must – pregnancy or no pregnancy.

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The happy couple is all excited to become parents and give their baby the best of themselves. Anita said preparing for the baby has been their prime focus and even their families are super elated. “The journey to becoming parents will always be a special one for us. As parents-to-be, we want nothing but the best for our baby. The preparation for the arrival of the baby has gladly been the centre of our attention,” she wrote in an Instagram post. Anita Hassanandani also said, “They were all teary-eyed, so amazed, and ecstatic. Something like this is always full of mixed emotions, they are very happy.” She’s due in February 2021. Oh boy, it’s already looking like a year of joy!

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