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8 Cute Texts To Send To Your Crush To Keep Him Interested

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Gone are the days when women were supposed to sit and wait to be wooed. In today’s day and age, women take initiative! You can ask a guy out, make the first move in bed, propose marriage, and anything in between. Okay, this is great. But, it sometimes feels only theoretical. We know we CAN pursue a guy we like, but we don’t quite know how to do it.

So, here are the basics for starting a conversation. If you’re crushing on someone, but are clueless about how to take things forward, try sending one of these texts.

1. Keep it simple, and ask him, “What’s happening?”

2. Let him know, “I have a busy day today, but I’m so distracted, wondering what you’re up to!”

3. Be straight up, and ask him out! Text him, “Hey, how about we get dinner tonight?”

4. Be witty, and send him a “dad joke”. Here’s one to get you started:
You: Why was the mushroom invited to the party?
Him: ?
You: Because he’s a “fun-guy”!

5. Ask him for help! Try: “Hey, I need to buy a new phone. Which one do you recommend?”

6. Ask him about the latest Netflix show. “Have you been watching Elementary?”

7. Ask him if he’d like to join you and your friends for an event. “Hey, heading for a stand-up comedy show tonight. Would you like to come along?”

8. If you’re feeling bold, send him a sext! “Wondering if you get as hard thinking of me, as I get wet thinking of you!”

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