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7 Ways Social Distancing Can Positively Impact Your Dating Life

March 18, 2020 | by Akanksha Narang

Until recently, to most Indians, coronavirus was like an apparition – it exists but the extent wasn’t clear. You know how you read ‘based on a true story’ disclaimer in horror movies? We watch it and we forget about it, almost like it’s not real or like we can’t be touched by it. Only when coronavirus entered India did people realise that we are not invincible. Yet, the number of patients had to significantly multiply for people to start taking things seriously. What were we thinking? It’s coronavirus, not gender equality that’s so difficult to inject in our systems.

Today, India is said to be in stage 2 and we are advised to practise social distancing to avoid the spread of Covid-19. I have been seeing several memes on Instagram basically meaning that introverts have been at it all along. But when it comes to social distancing, I feel our dating lives can be majorly affected by it. For instance, I will have to cancel all the dates I am not being asked out on. I will also have to spend less time on dating apps I have not installed. Okay, my dating life sucks anyway but I hope yours isn’t as parched as mine. In fact, I feel these times of social distancing can actually give you a better picture of what you need. Here’s how it will impact our dating lives.

  1. It can help you move on from a fuckboi you’re addicted to

Consider this like a divine intervention. That fuckboi you’ve developed a habit of because your willpower is basically shit? You need to get your claws out of him and let go. But since every time he asked you out, you went running, here you go. Coronavirus forbids you from meeting him!

  1. You will know who actually makes an effort

A lot of men will give you attention as long as it’s convenient. They will talk to you when they have free time. They will meet you because they have no plans and a nice date sounds like a good one. But what happens when you’re not getting to go out? Only when someone really cares for you will stay connected, even though it means going out of their way, like finding time to video call you and checking on how you are doing.

  1. You can do cute things like going on virtual dates

This is for those who are not getting played by fuckbois and actually have someone special. You can do cutesy things people do in long distance relationships. Or when in high school because you just can’t get enough. Get on a video call, have a pizza and beer date because that’s cute and cheesy. You can also get Google Chrome’s Netflix Party and watch a movie together but in your own individual homes.

  1. It will give you a chance to miss each other

When we see them almost every day, we tend to take the happiness we feel with them, for granted. Being apart for a while will make you miss each other. Even those in a casual relationship can probably realise that they do really like each other. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and if that doesn’t happen, you’ll know that it’s not what you really want, anyway.

  1. It will give you time to invest in yourself

This time of self-quarantine will give you a lot of time in hand. Even if you’re working from home, you’re saving a lot of time you otherwise spent on commuting. With socialising out of the picture, you will feel motivated to pick up activities you love. Whether you’re reading, watching movies and series or simply catching up on sleep, this down time is going to rejuvenate you.

  1. You will have to have actual conversations before you meet

Real conversations are highly underrated. When it comes to dating, all we’ve been doing is looking at their pictures and then have superficial flirty conversations before deciding to meet them. When we meet, which is usually over a drink, our sober selves hardly connect. But thanks to social distancing, we will have enough time to chat for weeks maybe before actually meeting up. Unless you’re willing to catch COVID-19 for a date.

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  1. You won’t get premature come over invites on dating apps

We’ve all dealt with those guys who just randomly invite you over. Like you just matched on a dating app. First, they will ask you how you are doing because kya karein, basic courtesy. Then they will invite you over like you’ve been lovers since a decade. Thankfully, these guys too will be practising social distancing. And you will be able to match with the slow and sustainable kind!

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