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7 Ways Sexting Brings You Closer As A Couple

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When we are happy with someone, our eyes light up with joy when our phone beeps. We hope it’s our bae’s text and we may not realise it, but we smile ear to ear while replying to them. And this just doesn’t get old. When you’re in the middle of work and finish a task in hand, you pick up your phone to see if he texted. Even when you’re in the middle of washing bartan at home and you hear your phone beep, you quickly wipe your hands and reach for it. So what if you have to struggle to unlock it with your almost wet fingers?

Speaking of which, those texts become all the more exciting when they come bearing the potential to make you dripping wet. Sexting can be great fun and if you have a good imagination and storytelling skills, it can leave you feeling horny AF. Well, that’s kinda the purpose but it does so much more. It’s a healthy activity that can actually bring you closer. Here’s how.

You feel more attracted to each other

It makes you more desirable to each other, as you fuel each other’s sexual fantasies even without any physical touch. Of course, in your head, you’ve already ripped each other’s clothes off but the fact that you can make each other horny from miles away says a lot.

It makes you more communicative about sex

Talking about sex is important among couples. You should be able to share your desires and expectations without feeling hesitant. Sexting breaks any barrier that makes you shy away from having that sex talk.

You feel more comfortable

Sexting can help couples feel more comfortable with each other. If you’re in the phase where you worry about that stray hair on your leg or like the lights off, this will help you shed those inhibitions. It makes you feel closer and not-judged.

Using it as foreplay can make the sex hotter

You know, if you’ve been hungry for a while and you finally get a big pizza, how do you just devour it? That’s how you’ll feel after a good session of sexting and waiting to see him that night.

Or masturbation even better

Even if you aren’t going to see him, you can still satisfy yourself! Use all that horniness to give yourself an amazing, indulgent session of self-play. Of course, you’ll be so turned on that your orgasms will leave your clit throbbing!

You feel connected even in distance

It makes you feel like you don’t need to be physically present around each other to feel connected. All that affection you feel for him gets an outlet through sexting. Maybe, in reality, you’re far away but in your head, you can kiss him all you want.

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You can live out your fantasies

Imagination is free and anything is possible. He can be a hot stranger you meet on a flight or a sexy doctor. You can try out just any position and make love in any way you want. You give each other a safe, non-judgemental place to live out your fantasies and nothing can bring a couple closer if not this. What’s more, you realise what you guys are into and if possible, play those fantasies out with each for real.

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