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7 Signs Of Mutual Sexual Tension, According To Redditors

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I feel there’s a difference between sexual tension and actually wanting to have sex. There can be sexual tension on the first date with someone but you may not want to rip each other’s clothes off. However, you may assume that it’s an itch you will eventually scratch. There’s just something about attraction – it’s a magnetic pull that two people can feel. Sometimes, you wonder if it’s just you or if it’s mutual.

Each time they are around you, your heart is not being normal. It feels like it’s fluttering, getting excited or just making you clumsy. I find it hard to continue making eye contact with someone I am very attracted to. Like say, I look at him from across the room and turns out, he’s looking at me too. Our eyes meet and you can immediately tell it’s a powerful gaze. I can’t help but break the eye contact when it starts perforating my soul with all that sexual tension, and reset my breath.

When I am on a date, in which I feel very attracted to them, I am just being all fun and talkative because silence calls for attention to the sparks flying all around. I mean it’s good but it’s also awkward when you don’t know what they feel or when you aren’t ready to have sex yet.

So when someone asked on Reddit what the signs of mutual sexual tension are, the thread was filled with great insights. If anything, it makes me miss experiencing these sweet, sexy moments!

Eye Contact is erotic

“Definitely, somehow starts with eye contact or how you desperately avoid eye contact and those accidental touches which makes both jump. Sigh. Oh the memories,” a user wrote. Really, eye contact is everything for me! It is so erotic when your eyes meet and sparks fly!

A lot of touching

“Holding or touching the person for longer amount than usual and the other person won’t disconnect from the touch. Based from my experience,” a user wrote. Another added, “We were just casually talking and then someone said something, I don’t know which one of us it was, but we laughed and our eyes locked. I had not noticed how close we were sitting next to each other until then.” They want on to explain, “He just moved his palm on top of mine (behind my back – I was sitting with my arms stretched out behind me to support my weight as well). I think that is when we knew we would start dating… that was over 17 years ago… the brat is snoring happily right now – might have to pinch his nose a bit…”

Always being next to each other

“I used to work with my now-partner and our boss was big on group photos. I never noticed, yanno, until I did, that we were standing next to each other in every picture. Leaning into each other, ever so slightly,” a user wrote. Well, when you’re attracted to someone, subconsciously or consciously, you end up being next to them at all times.

You both know it

“The best way is when you meet someone and you get kind of flushed and the other person does too and you know that she knows and she knows that you know and you both stumble over your words,” a user wrote. “That weird thing when one person starts laughing then the other person does too but nothing close to funny has even happened,” another user added. If it’s mutual, you know it!

Sexual tension is in the air

“You feel like sitting extremely close to them as well as sitting as far as possible from them at the same time because of the magnetic pull,” a user wrote. “I could feel an “aura” of warmth emanating from him; I swear he must have heard how hard my heart started pounding just then,” another added. If you feel like you can cut the sexual tension with a knife, it’s definitely there!

Looking at each other’s lips.

“If, during eye contact, you see their eyes flicker toward your lips, then you know that they’re interested. Flipside of that, if you want to test the waters with someone, quickly look at their lips during eye contact and see if they reciprocate the vibe,” a user pointed out. Kiss each other already! Oh, wait, we’re in the middle of a pandemic.

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It’s difficult to say goodbye

“That weird bit when you have to leave each other and you keep awkwardly trying to delay saying goodbye hoping the other person will think of an excuse for you to do something else together,” a user wrote. You’re basically hoping the other person to make a move!

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