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5 Ways Forgiving Will Help You Heal Better. And It Definitely Doesn’t Mean You’re Taking Them Back

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Life gives us several reasons to be grateful – and many of those are our loved ones. They make us feel safe, loved, and respected. But often, we end up welcoming people in our lives who end up making us feel exactly the opposite. They hurt us and we are left feeling like shit. I like to keep these people out and surround myself with only those who don’t intoxicate my life. But what do you do when you end up falling in love with someone who turns out to be toxic? You feel wronged and it breaks your heart. And you decide you don’t want them.

You fill your heart with spite and each time someone even mentions their name, it brings back feelings of pain. Holding a grudge can be damaging to both your physical and mental health as it gives you anxiety and subsequent disorders. It chains you and inhibits your moving on. Forgiving the person who wronged you is a process that helps you move forward, with as little personal damage as possible. But firstly, it’s all up to you if you want to forgive them. Secondly, if you do but aren’t ready, take all the time you want. There’s no need to rush yourself because that will only make you more anxious. And just because they are asking for forgiveness, you don’t have to give it to them. You forgive, only when you truly feel ready if you do.

However, if you do find it in you to release yourself from the hurt, it will only be more beneficial to you. Of course, it also depends on how bad it was and whether it is forgivable. As I said, feel no pressure or guilt. Here are 5 ways it will help you through.

1) It gives you the power to control what affects you

Forgiving is a way to take the control back in your hands. You don’t have to hurt each time you are reminded of it. Neither do you have to adulterate your peace with feelings of hatred and spite. You have the power to leave it all behind and not let it affect you, and forgiving just facilitates that.

2) It helps avoid personal wear and tear

Negative emotions do nothing but eat at our soul. Meanwhile, it doesn’t affect the person who wronged you. It’s you holding on to the grudge and carrying the emotional damage like a limb. Time doesn’t heal everything if you let that wound fester.

3) It doesn’t mean offering clemency but helps you detach

Forgiving doesn’t mean that what they did is justified or that you’re allowing them to return to your life. You can simply forgive a person but not allow them to step into your life again, simply because it doesn’t feel healthy.

4) Letting go of the spite is for own healing and mental health

When you forgive, you are clearing your heart and mind of unhealthy emotions and grudges. You are bringing your mind to a state of calm and tranquility. It is just a way of flushing mental and emotional toxins out of your body.

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5) You emerge stronger from the experience

Forgiving isn’t a sign of weakness. It requires immense strength as you detoxify yourself from negativity and rebuild yourself. You learn to take control back, and you feel stronger as you come out of it. You have survived a storm, and you’ve learned to dance in the rain.

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