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5 Thoughts You Have When He Orgasms But You Don’t

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How do you feel about having a bae that puts so much effort into pleasing you? He takes it slow and touches you all over your body not just to arouse you but also to find your erogenous zones for future reference. After a nice, warm sesh of foreplay that feels like a dream, he massages your clit because he knows that you need something more than intercourse to orgasm. And it doesn’t matter if it takes long, because he really wants you to come. In fact, it arouses him even more knowing that he is the reason you’re pushing your head back and moaning in utter sexual bliss. Is this guy rare or have I only found one? What is it with men not making women orgasm and being interested in just their own climax?

Now I am not saying that foreplay with all the guys I have dated was bad. But speaking strictly in terms of orgasms, it was never as good and as assured as with this one. We hear so many women complaining of the same thing. And it’s funny how this cutie was still surprised that most men find it very convenient to come and not worry about their partner’s orgasm. Having achieved this sexual maturity and empowerment, I could never date a guy like that again!

So what do you think? Have you ever been with someone who was selfish in bed and came before you, almost always? Even after communicating and tell him how to make you come, he still doesn’t put enough effort. We deserve orgasms and not just those we give ourselves (thanks to “self-care”.)

If you have been left high and wet quite often, you probably have these thoughts in your head each time he comes before you do.

Wait, again?

You are in the middle of intercourse and you’re dripping wet! It’s a whole tsunami in there and your arousal is shooting through the roof. Oh God, you wish he doesn’t stop! You’re so close to coming. And there he goes… done and done. Stamina is one thing, but really there are techniques that help you match your time. In fact, how about he makes you come before he does, considering simultaneous orgasming is hella difficult? Put some effort, dude!

Should I express my disappointment?

You’re lying there with disappointment written all over your face and you’re wondering if you should make an effort to hide it. Often, you tell him “It’s okay, no worries!” and then he acts like his life is sorted while you look like you’d be in a place of drought. That is selfish! Should you just call him out and really tell him that this sucks?

Wow, so all that sex was for nothing?

You bloody invested in that sexy piece of lingerie, shaved your legs, got a bikini wax done, and took a nice long shower—all for nothing? All that effort you put in making out with him, that arousal and everything, just so he could come and forget about your orgasms? Wow, it really sucks being in that place. This makes me wanna cry over some spilt things.

God, I hope there’s Round Two!

You are still horny and turned on but he is lying there on the bed, tired from all that climaxing. (What a bitch!) Snuggling up to him, you kiss and cuddle, hoping that this will turn him on and Round Two will arrive, bringing you some beautiful presents (read: orgasms). Unfortunately, that’s rarely ever the case. And even if there is, it pretty much goes exactly like Round One. Or with him half-heartedly doing your clit like he is scared of it!

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I feel like a non-profit organization

As much as I believe in selfless love, I don’t think orgasms are included in that. Also, it cannot be one-sided! I am sorry, but men who refuse to make their women orgasm are treating them like non-profit organisations where they can go to get charity sex. It’s not a transaction, but I would like you to return the favour! Do you know how they say you must not cross oceans for a person who wouldn’t jump a pond for you? Well, you’ve done enough of crossing over, now he better step up or find someone else who can.

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