5 Signs You Need To Breakup With That Toxic Friend RN!

If you ask me, breaking up with a very close friend hurts much more than breaking up with a boyfriend. You come so close, connect so well and trust each other on a deeper level. And then it all comes crashing down and you end up feeling like a fool. But you know what is worse? Holding on to a toxic friend. Remove toxicity from your life to make way for growth and positivity. All that drama, the bitchiness, the vengeance…uff! None of this is worth losing your sleep over. They will party with you, talk to you like BFFs but if you guys were ever stuck in a zombie movie, these are the same friends who wouldn’t think twice before leaving you behind. Do we need them in our lives? Nope. However, it’s not easy to let go of relationships. How do you know for sure if a friend is really toxic? Here are 5 signs!

1) After meeting them, you leave feeling low

I had a friend, and every time I met him, I used to come back feeling drained. I couldn’t really point out what was making me feel all this negativity. Was it his pessimism rubbing off onto me? Did it drain me to hear him go on about his love life? Either way, it wasn’t really helping me, and I slowly distanced myself from him. Because guess what, nothing…absolutely nothing is worth your peace of mind. So, if this friend makes you feel the opposite of happy and uplifted, walk away.

2) You cannot confide in them anymore

The best thing about a genuine friendship is that it becomes a place you feel safe in. You can be yourself, speak things that make sense only to the two of you and be the same kinda crazy…unabashedly. If you feel what you opening up to them can have damaging consequences, then your friendship has lost its essence. Or never had any. Either ways, fix it or toss it.

3) You feel you are being used

Most strong women were emotional fools initially, until they realise that not every person is who they pretend to be. We’ve all had “friends” who swore to God how much they loved us, spoke to us consistently, and asked for several favours. If it feels like you’re more of a personal assistant than a friend, then it’s time to reflect. Do they help you out when you need them? Or are you only called up on when they are in a crisis of any kind?


4) They bring out the worst in you

You find yourself drifting away from people who actually care, because they are not able to deal with the changed version of you. In their company, you’ve found yourself in unpleasant situations you wouldn’t be in otherwise. You feel your life has been thrown off-balance and none of your goals are being met. Don’t entertain someone who takes you away from your goals.

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5) The friendship is all about them

There are enough narcissistic people around us, and it’s very difficult to spot them at the start. They seem charming AF and you begin to enjoy their company, until you feel it’s just them in the relationship. You care about them. They care about them. Basically, nobody gives a shit about you. What to do then? Dump their sorry ass.

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