5 Signs You Could Give Another Chance To Your Ex

FI Give Him Another Chance For These Reasons

The way a stepmother is always stereotyped to be evil, I believe ex-boyfriends are always considered toxic. Our friends hate them with a passion, you know how Charlotte tells Mr. Big “I curse the day you were born” after he breaks Carrie’s heart? Yeah, like that. We can’t blame them and often they are absolutely right. They say it’s never a good idea to go back to your ex. You will read articles telling you to not even talk to them. But it’s not a rule. Not all exes are evil. In fact, sometimes a perfect relationship breaks because we had to learn our lessons or probably the time wasn’t on our side.

In the end, you must use your discretion to logically decide whether an ex deserves another chance. But it can get confusing because feelings often cloud our logic. Fret not, here are 5 signs your ex deserves another chance.

  • You realised that both of you made mistakes

Sometimes, we need to grow up a little to realise that what we did was wrong too. In fact, it’s not always about what we did wrong; it’s about what we didn’t do right. He made mistakes too. It’s only human to err and often when we are young, we are also stupid.

  • His good qualities far exceed the bad ones

When you guys were together, you began to get annoyed with his behaviour. However, if you feel he is a good man and if he’d fix a few things, he’d be a great partner – then maybe you should see how things fare with him. Of course, some bad qualities you’ll have to live with because nobody is perfect. But if those bad points are not dealbreakers, then what’s stopping you?

  • He never disrespected you or violated you

It’s okay to fight and have disagreements. As long as he didn’t disrespect or dismiss you, he isn’t toxic. The moment your partner starts making you feel small and sees you as an inferior, he becomes the guy you should throw out of your life for good. If he never made you feel that way, he is still a potential cutie.

  • He has shown so much personal growth since then

If the breakup changed him, it means it was of great significance to him. Only a major loss changes a person. When I look back at my 18-year-old self, I can say I have come a long way. If he too seems to have grown as a person, he deserves a chance. It’s not about who is perfect but who is able to learn from his mistakes.

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  • You can see the genuine effort he puts in winning you back

A guy who truly loves you will never stop putting effort in winning you back. And that’s what matters, right? Honestly, I have seen too many guys who wouldn’t put any effort into making a relationship work. And amidst such men, someone giving it all is a major turn on!

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