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5 Sex Positions That Involve Sitting On His Lap For Lots Of Love And Lots Of Kink

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It’s such a sweet feeling when the moment you reach home, you wrap your arms around his neck, go on your tippy toes and share a passionate kiss. You break into a warm, tight embrace that makes you feel like the melted cheese in a wholesome cheese burst pizza. Or maybe I was just hungry. After your touch starvation has been satiated with this wholesome hug meal, it’s time to indulge and you sit him down and climb on his lap while you talk about really stupid things. Nobody has ever spoken about anything intelligent when overpowered by their hormones. In between, all that banter, you kiss intermittently until that’s all you’re doing and your clothes come off in no time.

How do you feel sitting in that position, on his lap? It arouses you while making you feel incredibly affectionate and secure. And that is the feeling we more often seek from sex, right? With the flexibility of making it raw to achingly romantic, sitting sex positions will rock your world. These positions also allow the woman to be more active and thus, control the rhythm and pace to make her orgasms more explosive. Here are some sex positions with you sitting on his lap!

leaning reverse cowgirl sex position

1) Leaning Reverse Cowgirl

If raw passion makes your hormones rage, then reverse Cowgirl will feel like the more comfortable cousin of doggy style. And what’s more, you can lean back and take support while your bae slides his hands to your breasts, to indulge them a little. And while he takes it in his hands to arouse you and quite literally so, you use all that horniness to ride him like a naughty cowgirl!

lap dance sex position

2) Lap dance

You can either do it on bed or floor as he sits with his legs stretched out and you sit on him with your legs stretched out too. But it’s even more exciting if you take to the chair as you’ll get more of a lap dance feel that way. Spice it up by doing a little sexy dance before you sit on his erect penis while your back is pressed against his chest. This position is more of grinding kind while he hugs you from behind, making those butterflies in your stomach flutter a little more.

wide opened sex position

3) Wide open

This sex position is what was meant for female orgasms and once you discover this, you won’t like to end any other way. Lie down comfortably on your back with a pillow under you and spread your legs. Let him kneel between your legs as you wrap them around him. He can enter you and rub your clitoris at the same time. And if he is a giver, it will arouse him, even more, to watch you breathe heavily as you near an orgasm.

4) Musical instrument

You know I heard Cardi B sing ‘play with this kitty like you play with your guitar’ and I went from ignorant bliss to a sweeping satori! Be his musical instrument as he tugs at your heartstrings and makes your kitty purr in pleasure. You can do it as shown in the picture, or you can do it sitting on a chair. If you choose to balance your lower body autonomously, his hand will be free to map your body with his gentle touch, while his mouth goes from your lips to your neck before spending some time on your breasts.

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5) Cuddly Courtesan

I had seen this position called ‘courtesan’ in one of the many websites listing sex positions. The woman sits with her legs placed on his shoulders, her knees hemming his neck – but from a distance, you don’t have to strangle him. However, when you add closeness to the position, it just becomes even more exciting and hence cuddly courtesan. Bring your torso close to him and wrap your arms around his neck. He can move his hands around your neck and breasts while you enjoy the deeper penetration that this sex position offers. It is potent for female orgasms as it stimulates both your clit and G-spot!

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