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5 Awkward Things That Happen Between The Sheets That You Should Learn To Laugh Off

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Sex is one of the most ironic things we do. It feels great, but man, it’s work. You have to not only have immense control over your own body movements, you also need to sync up with your partner. You need to have rhythm. While you figure out the perfect choreography for the two of you, the body has its own mind! It does things that you don’t see coming, and makes the already awkward act of sex, even more awkward. The best thing to do, then, is to learn to laugh things off!

Here are five things that happen between the sheets that you should learn to laugh of.

1. Queefing

The good thing about vagina farts, a.k.a., queefing, is that it’s not smelly or gross. It’s just air that had been stuck in your vagina, coming out because of suction. It’s natural and far more common than you’d imagine. Don’t take it seriously, and certainly, don’t let it stop you!

2. Slipping out mid-act

It may happen when you’re switching positions, or simply while thrusting. It’s cool… nothing to make a big deal out of. Just slip it back in!

3. A little bit of clumsiness

Sometimes, you have to look for the right spot. Sometimes, your teeth come in the way. Sometimes, hair gets stuck in places it has no business being. It’s two bodies getting into difficult positions, and gyrating a lot, all the while keeping the beat. Sex is complicated. Physically. Sometimes, it can be clumsy. Pause. Compose yourself. Carry on.

4. Farting

Try not to eat broccoli, chickpeas, beans, and other foods that are known to cause flatulence. But, hey, if you gotta fart, you gotta fart. It’s better to let it out than keep it in. And once the deed is done, you’ll enjoy the sex so much more!

5. A new position not working out so well for you

So, you decided to experiment, and things did not go down as well as you’d hoped? It happens. You can’t be a goddess all the time!

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