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3 Dance Tutorials To Get You Started If You’ve Two Left Feet

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Most of us have already started planning every little detail of ringing the new year in. The pressure to figure out the party scene, the drinks, the people you want to hang out with. It has to be memorable. Whether you’re passed out before the clock strikes 12 or you’re laying like a starfish in someone’s bathroom and have no recollection of that situation whatsoever, it has to be something to talk about.

The best part of any party is the part where you get to dance like no one’s watching. In our heads, we are all like Rihanna or Beyonce but in reality we might look like we’re convulsing. If dancing has always been a task for you then don’t you worry, here are 3 amazing tutorials which will get you grooving to hip hop songs as well as Bollywood music.

These three simple moves are extremely easy to do and the tutorial is broken down in the best way possible! The moves are basic so you don’t have to feel intimidated. The grace though, you will have to bring that yourself.

These three moves are amazing on their own but I love how she combined them together to create a mini dance choreography! And something you can pull off even if you have two left feet.

We must admit that most of us get off our butts every time some Bhangra music starts playing, and these moves will help you ace that as well. You might not look Punjabi but you will definitely look like you’re having a good time.


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