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Wife Set To Join The Indian Army Three Years After Husband’s Death To Fulfil His Dying Wish

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Not that I have ever thought about it or would like to in future, but whenever someone talks about their supposed last or dying wish, it gives me a rather morbid and sad feeling. To imagine that someone might leave the world, without having fulfilled what he wanted to, always comes as a downer, except for this one time, when a devoted and loving wife, decided to fulfill the actual dying wish of her husband, as she joined the Indian Army after his demise.

In what came across as one of the most heart-breaking yet inspiring stories on the internet today, Jyoti Nainwal, the widow of late Indian Army jawan named Nayak Deepak Nainwal will be seen joining the Indian Army soon, as part of keeping a promise she made to her dying husband back in 2018 when he was on the death bed.

Nayak Deepak Nainwal was fighting off terrorists in Kulgam, Kashmir, when during his fight, he was shot thrice on his spine and chest. Terribly injured, he was admitted to the hospital and tragically lost all sensation in his lower body. He stayed on for 40 days, fighting for his life bravely, but ultimately passed away in May 2018.

His last wish however, was to see his wife join the Indian Army on his behalf and serve the nation. Today, almost three years later, Jyoti Nainwal is all ready to join the INA and ready to commence her one year long training at the Officers’ Training Academy in Chennai.

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Her journey from a homemaker to becoming an Indian Army Officer hasn’t been easy. Married into a family where for the past three generations, men had been serving in the army, her father in law shared how she would get up 3:30 am in the morning to go for a run, to make sure the conservative neighbours didn’t see her.

She went on to clear the SSC exam on her fourth attempt, that is supposed to test one’s physical and psychological strength. Now, she will be the first woman in her family to join the army and that she went through with it, to fulfil her late husband’s wish is as commendable as it is noble. He must be as proud of her, as we are, considering it hadn’t been easy for her.

She shared, “Indian Army supported me through and through. I was allowed to stay and take care of my husband for 40-days during his hospitalization. I learnt during this period that the Indian Army not only takes care of the brave hearts but their families too. Deepak told me that I have got the potential to be in the Army. My mentors, in-laws and brothers worked with me at every step to get me through.”

Also a mother to two children, a 5-year-old son and an 8-year-old daughter, finding a balance between her household duties and trying to clear her exams was very tricky, but she managed and how. As she is set to join the INA, her family will be taking care of the children, while she steps in her husband’s shoes and serves the nation. We salute to her spirit!

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