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While We’re Quarantining, Social Media Is What We Turn To. Here’s How You Can Keep It Positive

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It’s been six days of self-imposed quarantine and I can say I am doing better than I was on day one and two. I was quite a mess in the first two days, craving company and wanting to set foot on Mumbai roads, no matter how uneven and dirty they may be. Of course, I filled my social media with my pain and saw other people doing the same. My friends and I kept texting each other this sucks and all that. But there were also a couple of people in my social circle who remained unperturbed by social distancing. Then there were some who were actually enjoying it. It baffled me because here I was, thirstily browsing through Netflix’s recommendations and my refrigerator.

Like I said, I started taking quarantining well and today, I have been quite happy. But here’s the thing. I realised that both negativity and positivity are contagious, and that most of it is coming from social media. While we’ve been social distancing, that’s only in the offline world. Online, we are being more active than ever and I have been getting DMs from guys who think I am gonna volunteer to be their source of entertainment. Although, I wouldn’t deny I enjoyed the attention especially in a time when I was feeling all sort of self-doubt.

Negative yet “relatable” memes make you feel anxious

I realised this only after I had begun to deal with it better. My best friend video called me while she was doing yoga and I was writing my articles.  We were talking and she shared how she had been enjoying this. Even a colleague-friend of mine said how he loved this downtime of not socialising. It felt soothing. But then I came across memes of people being very frustrated with the quarantine and it started making me feel anxious too. Which is when I realised that as long as I keep away from negativity, my mood will be unaffected.

At the same time, the sheer number of people devouring junk food is alarming. People going mad with their quarantine snacks is like subconsciously wanting to do what others are doing. And then posting about it on Instagram to feel like you belong. Umm, no. Keep your third bag of chips away and just have your roti-sabzi. There’s nothing cool about wanting to leave quarantine with more cholesterol.

Consume more positive content on social media

How does it make you feel watching videos of Italians singing from their balconies in times of quarantine? Or that video of a woman in Greece dancing on Ek Do Teen? It makes me calm and happy. When I watch videos of people dancing at home, working out and even trying their hand at cooking, it feels like this slowdown isn’t so bad. I mean, yes it’s bad but we can do things that are actually productive and get our dose of happy hormones from that. Which is why, I have been just consuming happy content and it’s made my quarantine experience easier. In fact, today I moved my work-from-home station by the window and I am enjoying a greener view as I write this. I even appreciated not having to wear any pants for so many days. I am beginning to see the bright side!

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Use this time to connect

People are using interactive games on their stories to connect with their followers. We are video conferencing with our friends more than ever. We are spending time with our fam, talking and playing games. We are watching movies together and just connecting! It’s a great opportunity to check on someone you didn’t get a chance to talk to earlier. When we come out of quarantine, let’s be a little more connected and value each other more.

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