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What Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Says About You As A Couple

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This is officially the time of the year when our Instagram feed is going to be full of pre-wedding pictures. I don’t know when this started, but today, it’s become the norm to invest in a photoshoot before you tie the knot. And why not? We find different ways to express ourselves. And I feel that the kind of themes you opt for talks a lot about you as a couple. Of course, it gives you an opportunity to capture your love and chemistry. However, if you really observe, it talks about your romance style and how you go together as a couple. Are you an adventurous couple or a dil se desi kind? Well, whether you’re planning for a pre-wedding shoot or have already done one, find out what it says about your love life.

Couple that loves luxury

You and bae have a taste for all things rich; mediocrity just won’t do. You would rather have a glass of wine at a rooftop bar of a five-star hotel than binge-drink in a local bar. The best thing? You both share the desire for a luxurious lifestyle. Luxury cruises, yacht parties, and European holidays – you have so many dreams and now also someone to fulfil them with. Which is why, you prefer a pre-wedding photoshoot that looks like you’ve just come from black tie event!

The best at fake candids

You both are mesmerised by the amazing pictures you see of Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, in which they look completely lost in each other’s gaze. Except, those are staged too and you’re too awkward to pose. As a couple, you’re not pretentious except when you’re pretending to be oblivious to being clicked. Deep down, you value real moments over anything else.

The Bollywood buffs

I bet you’re running around the trees or dressed in a saree in snow-clad mountain for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Let’s just say Bollywood is in your blood. You dedicate romantic songs to each other, call each other “jaan” and “shona”, and really, really celebrate Valentine’s Day. Your bae is probably jealous of SRK because you wanted to be DDLJ’s Simran since childhood. You view life through rose-tinted glasses but that’s okay to be lost, as long as you’re lost in each other.


If you’re someone who would go out of your way to create stunning and unique pictures, this one’s for you. You’re an adventurous couple (works in bed too!) and seek unconventionality. Whether you have to go underwater or create flying photos, you are all up for experimenting! You probably make spontaneous travel plans and prefer backpacking over planting roots in a resort.


From vibrant outfits to fun props – your photoshoot looks lit AF. You’re a happy-go-lucky couple and people love hanging out with you. You both like keeping things light-hearted and going with the flow.

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Subtle and sweet

Your pre-wedding pictures look like those in a romantic calendar. The kind of love you both share doesn’t shout from the rooftops. In fact, sometimes you both can express even without using any words. Your ardour is sweet, subtle and speaks a thousand words when you say nothing at all.

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