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#AskHauterfly: What Is Phubbing And How Is It Ruining My Relationship?

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Ah! The age of the millennial and their ‘unique’ way of functioning… Every day is about coming up with a new concept (however, pointless it is) and proving yet again that anything… literally ANYTHING… is possible!

This time, it’s dating that’s got itself a brand new term, thanks to the millennial, of course. But, it’s one we can all connect to – Phubbing. Now before you take off on a different tangent and relate it to the ‘other’ word for plumbing (or something equally ridiculous), hold your horses, please.

Phubbing in simple terms refers to the act of being glued to your phone while on a date and ignoring your partner. Sounds familiar? Yup, ‘coz been there and so done that.

Now, on some occasions, like a super boring first date when the guy goes on and on about himself and his pet rabbit, it is totally understandable to allow your fave gadget to rescue you.

But really, you’ve got to admit that it’s a pretty annoying habit to constantly message, post pics on Instagram, take snaps or even scroll the Facebook feed in the presence of another person. Sometimes both people in the plot do this and good ol’ conversation is out the window!

The problem is we know we do this. Come on, no point denying it.

The solution? If you like the company you’re in, keep your phone on silent. There I said it. If you can’t, then time to rethink ’em priorities, guys.

And if you are the one that is getting phubbed, well, it’s time to take some action and not give! Get it? *wink* *wink*

To help you out, here are 3 signs that prove you are getting royally phubbed –

  • If he has been on the phone for more than 10 minutes. Hello? That call can be dealt with later, unless it is his mom. *coughs*
  • Oh, I forgot my watch at home. I need to check the time on phone. For half an hour? Girl, stop being dumb.
  • Checking emails on a Sunday, every 2 minutes is a big, fat red signal. Please, please get the hint.

And if you are the one phubbing, then you need to sort out your priorities and start being a little ‘social’ in the old school way.


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