Video Of A Woman Doing A Headstand And A Split In A Saree Goes Viral. Such A Star!


From people stories to reporting gruesome crimes, my line of work has me scaling through a variety of genres that have me reading up about things I then write about. And even though working for a feminist platform as such always has me feeling empowered about the kind of stories I write, there is particular sense of feel-good element to stories that are simply about women having fun and breaking stereotypes. Like this woman, who took the internet with her video of doing a headstand in a saree.

The instagram video of the woman recognised as Rukmini Vijayakumar shows her acing some really stunning and impressive moves, with poses that will leave you with your mouth wide open. And what’s more, she does all of that in a saree!

The clip starts with a bang too. Rukmini aces pose after pose, making us drool over her flexibility and the ease with she can be seen carrying out the stunts. From a headstand to a full split, the video is full of mind-blowing moments.

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The video that has been posted to Instagram with the caption, “The things we can do in a well draped saree!!” stands true to the words. Posted on 10th of April, in just a couple of days the video is swarming with heartening comments with netizens feeling impressed.

It has garnered over 10 lakh views since the day it was posted, people have been sharing it and dropping lots of compliments for Rukmini, which she has well earned. One user wrote, “that smile after the flip.. gorgeous”, while another one called her “You are really saari ambassador”. People also pointed out how difficult it is to pull this off in a saree, but looking at Rukmini, who could even guess? Seems like she is right, there is actually nothing that women can’t do, especially draped in a saree.

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