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#Trending : This Video Of A Girl Dancing On The Street To Welcome Her Sister Back From The Hospital After Recovering From Corona Is Going Viral. We Love Their Spirit!

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Despite what my parents think, I have always been close to my brother. Yes, while growing up we both have had our share of differences that were reflected in full blown and WWE inspired fights with each other, the kind that would even give Tom and Jerry a run for their money, but even with those battle scars there is no one more protective and possessive of us, than our siblings. As someone once rightly defined the relationship of siblings by saying, “They might give their kidneys to each other, but not their earphones even for a second”, I felt that. As I did another emotion while I came across the video of two sisters dancing together, after one of them returned home fully recovered from covid-19.

A video that is now viral on the internet, shows two sisters performing a spontaneous duet out on the streets, on the tune of Chillar Party‘s ‘Tai Tai Phish‘ in front of their very house, to celebrate just how bravely one of them had fought off corona and returned back home, safe, sound and fully recovered. And honestly, it’s almost like their happiness and emotion is tangible through the video!

The video shows not just the two sisters dancing, but also captures one of the family members as they bring an aarti ki thali to welcome the daughter back home and how. Guess, it is one of those times, Indian customs and traditions add even more warmth and love to the occasion.

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Uploaded by Dipanshu Kabra, IPS officer only yesterday, he captioned the heartwarming video with the words”“No Pandemic can reduce a nanometer of smile, of any family that cherishes such Warmth, Love & Energy,” and we agree with him on this whole heartedly!

With more than 25 thousand views in such short time already, of which we may be guilty of contributing to at least a couple thousands, the video is pure happiness and has evoked the same kind of a reaction from the netizens. One user wrote, “I don’t remember the last time I danced with so much happiness… it’s a treat to watch them”, while another one said, “That celebration is lit. Definitely she will forget what she faced in hard times…..kudos to the dancing sister.”

After all, the love that siblings share with each other (how ever complicated) is always unparalleled, and this video is proof that there is nothing that immense support, care and simple gestures out of love can’t cure you out of! Kudos to the sisters for filling our day with smiles and hope!

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