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#Trending: Netizens Are Sharing Various Indirect Ways Desi Parents Use To Apologise Instead Of Saying Sorry. We Can Relate

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I live for the rare moments of life. A pink-colour sky, that one day where everything goes your way or when the shopkeeper tells you there is only one piece left of the dress you love and it turns out to be exactly your size. Yeah, these are pretty rare moments in life. Do you know what tops that list for me though? My very desi parents accepting defeat in an argument and apologising. When that happens, it’s like seeing a unicorn or a tiger out in the open. 

For me, that has only happened twice. Yes, I have won only two arguments with my parents where they have been forced to apologise to me. And one of them was because I started crying in front of my father but hey, I still count it as a win. I don’t know if you have noticed but Indian parents will argue for the sake of arguing. Even when they know you are right, they enjoy the cheap thrill of having a debate. In fact, their ability to argue relentlessly is what usually gets them what they want, right after you get exasperated. As I write this, I just realised my mother can give any lawyer a run for their money. 

Although, in normal circumstances when they have no avenues left for them to take in the fight they will hit you with the most ghisa pita lines like, “I am your father, I know better” or “enough now, dinner is on the table go eat quietly”. And that my friends, is the parents speak for, “okay, you’re right and we are sorry”. The most epic part is when this happens even though you already know this, somehow you still feel defeated. 

Okay, be honest, don’t your parents do this too? All desi parents have this knack. It’s like all parents got together and held a meeting on how to digress and never accept defeat. And maybe in the same meeting, they took a crash course on emotional blackmail along with a script on what to say. We always say that we will never do this with our children, but the truth is, we probably will. We inherit that quality from our parents. And besides, if we suffered, why shouldn’t they? *sadistic laughter*. 

Now, after my long rant, let’s come to why I am talking about Indian parents and their ingenious apology skills. A twitter user that goes by the handle @hoorulaiin asked people how their brown parents apologise. The replies she got are hilarious and a little too relatable. 

She said, “ apologize like brown parents, go”. Her tweet is going viral with amazing answers just pouring in. 

Check out some of the best replies she has received. I am sure at some point or another, you have heard them all from your parents. I know I have.

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This is the most relatable thing I have read. Although now if they suddenly start apologising, it would be super weird, wouldn’t it?

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