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#Trending : Chandigarh Railway Station Installs Vending Machines That Will Dispense Sanitisers, Masks And Gloves. We Think It’s A Great Step.

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A lot of us have time and again, expressed our concerns over the leniency and laid back attitude with which our country has been run over the past few decades. We have had issues with their inactivity, lack of proactiveness and no sign of preemptive measures to predict and therefore protect us from anything that could potentially be dangerous. For the most part, we look out for ourselves. As we did even when we were hit with the pandemic, caught with our pants down. And while it is easy to make blanket statements and tut tut at the state of our country sitting cocooned in our homes, every now and then, there also comes a point when we need to realise that perhaps efforts are being in the right direction to handle the situation. Like this time, when the Chandigarh rail authorities have shown an honest attempt to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

In an effort to curb the spread of coronavirus, the Chandigarh Railway Station authorities have installed vending machines that will dispense masks, sanitisers, and gloves to travellers.

A move that is definitely going to help passengers be safe, and make them aware of the precautions they need to take during such tricky times. We hope this effort produces the desired results. Deepak Kumar, the station manager shared, “We installed this machine five days ago. This machine is providing masks and hand sanitisers at a lower rates.”

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The masks that will be provided by the machine will be two kinds of N-95 masks, along with gloves, and hand sanitisers, available in bottles of different quantities, with the 250ml bottle costing upto Rs. 100. Customers that have already started making use of the service have called the machines useful and necessary.

One user even shared, “The facility provided here is very good and it can be used very easily. The rates are also light on the pocket,” and if that will urge others to keep their safety and sanitisation as a priority, then this might just be instrumental in containing the spread of Covid-19. Railway platforms are one of the most endangered hot spots after the airport, considering one can’t keep track of the large number of people who travel via the premises. Therefore, we are glad for this effort, that won’t just protect people, but also remind them to stay alert in the present situation.

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