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About 2 million Indians travel to Thailand each year and the low-cost flights direct from Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru has made visits to Thailand more popular than ever. People come to Thailand for the unique combination of history and culture, exotic cuisine, tranquil beaches and a flourishing nightlife. Despite being the most visited tourist destination in the world, Thailand has maintained it’s unique culture.

Women are known to travel alone in Thailand, and the country is generally regarded as safe, but one should be aware of their surroundings and avoid certain places that may otherwise attract tourists. In towns and cities of Thailand, which include Bangkok, any form of gambling is illegal but betting on cock fighting can be seen openly and tourists are frequently approached to buy tickets to a fight. Despite Thailand’s strict gambling laws, underground gambling establishments can be found all over the city. In general, I strongly advise tourists to avoid cock fighting events as well as any underground casinos in Bangkok because it’s difficult to know what’s safe. Because they are illegal, the police frequently raid these areas without warning and if you really want to gamble, you can go to the neutral zone on the Cambodian border. Depending on where you live in Bangkok, these casinos are about a three-hour drive away.

It is not difficult to find a hotel in Bangkok, but you may not always get what you expect. Here’s a list of hotels that won’t let you down!

Bangkok Marriott

A 5-star resort that offers the fun of casino life that is unlike any other! You can boost and play your luck together with your friends with a fantastic bar. This district of Bangkok has the iconic Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park for business, shopping, and entertainment that enables you to stay comfortably. The bars on the tower are a hidden gem because they offer you a great party spot to try your luck. You will be allowed to enjoy fun games like blackjack, craps, poker, roulette, and more. Don’t miss this amazing casino that gives you all the crazy fun that you need. The Casino Opens every hour of the day and with an entry fee that starts from INR 10,209 per night.

Sathorn Casino

Gamble at the Bangkok Sathorn Casino’s classic casino! Sathorn Vista Casino Hotel Bangkok offers all you could have to offer, whether it’s a weekend stay or just spending the night in the casino. Get the chance to try your luck with classy drinks and snacks served in card games and the stunning music you can play. The exclusive chandelier that increases the site’s elegance and makes it all the more marvelous is another striking characteristic of the casino. The Casino Resort opens every hour of the day, with an entry fee of INR 8,196 per night.

Heritage Bangkok Hotel

The hotel offers a unique experience and incredible hospitality among all the Casinos in Bangkok. The aura combines modern accommodation and the finest Thai culture. Situated between Silom and Sathorn road, this casino in Bangkok has many nearby places to explore. However, this attractive place is spellbound when it comes to exploring the nightlife. You offer games such as poker and roulette, and you don’t feel bored for a single moment. Dances and the availability of drinks in multitudes accompany you with these interesting games. The energy at this casino is an exciting thing to your worldly nightlife. The Casino opens for 24 hours every day, with an entry fee that starts from INR 2,339 per night.

Sivatel Bangkok Hotel

Sivatel Bangkok Hotel and Casino has great reviews and is for those looking for a great and fun getaway exclusively. It is surrounded by lively shopping streets in the greenest areas. Entertain you with a wonderful night-fun experience and comfortable spots to chill out with your drinks with friends. The exciting games will keep your gaming experience alive, from poker and blackjack to crap and roulette. They also offer you lovely dance shows and give you fine-tasting drinks. This casino offers you a great opportunity to enjoy yourself and enjoy the nightlife activities among the world-class Bangkok café. A visit to this place certainly should be widely encouraged. The Casino opens every hour of the day and a one-night fee of INR 10,095.

Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit

This casino is for the same if you’re looking to have a casino in Bangkok that is perfect for luxury fun, a business trip or a family holiday, or a weekend break. Possibly situated near the BTS station, all local roads make it easily accessible. In addition to the fine traditional Thai restaurants, there are also exotic drinks at bars and lounges, clubs, and games where you can play and try your luck while you have the pleasure of drinks and dancing here. The pleasure of the Casinos in Bangkok, including the Bangkok Marriott Sukhumvit Hotel and suites, can be enjoyed for as many nights as you want. Its opening time is 24 hours every day and an entry fee of INR 12,710 per night.

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