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Visit Baalbek in Lebanon

If you are one of the estimated 3.3 million Indians who will visit the UAE by 2023, this guide will get you ready. We’ve compiled a list of the best places to visit in the Middle East!

With its lash sand and khaki outland, it’s no surprise that Indians enjoy visiting the UAE. The Middle East is full of endless desert areas, bazaars, and great Bedouin hospitality.

Safety for females traveling solo in the Middle East is a common concern. The area is generally safe, but women traveling alone should always take precautions and plan their trip carefully. It’s strongly advised to adhere to the Middle East dress code and cover the “big four,” shoulders, cleavage, arms, and upper legs.

Apart from the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia are among the most popular travel destinations in the Middle East. Most travel list to the region would say there are about 25 places in the region that are worth purchasing an airline ticket to. Here’s a list of four places we consider worth considering if you plan to visit.


Baalbek, located in Lebanon, about two hours drive from Beirut, is a popular destination for both foreign tourists and locals. Outsiders have been captivated by Baalbek’s massive Roman architecture, boosting it to one of the Middle East’s top tourist destinations. It historically covered a large portion of modern-day North Africa, extending from western Europe to the majority of modern-day North Africa. It was an absolute Roman Empire, which is currently considered as the world’s largest empire. 

Due to the cultural sensitivity of the Middle East, the ruins have remained intact. If you approach the city’s neighborhood, take time to view some of the fantastic sites nearby; creating a connection with these areas is straightforward because they were formerly in control. The site is breathtaking, out of this world, and returning two or three times would not be considered a crime.

An organized visit to Baalbek from Beirut is about $88 but if you stay at any of the hotels close to Casino Lebanon you will be able to take advantage of their day trips, which include a visit to Baalbek. The Casino du Liban is the region’s largest casino and an attraction in its own right, with 35,000 square meters of casino, fine dining, nightclub and theater.


Amadiya is home to the biblical “three wise men”. It is found in Iraq and, to be more exact, it is found in Iraqi Kurdistan.

From the demarcating Turkish border, it is 10km. A good distance that is approachable for a local tourist or even someone that has visited the place with the Asian plain.

It is a deep historic place that has taken a stand. From the great Assyrians to the great Persians, from the Jewish community to the great Christian dominance of that time, Amadiya boasts of a good and well-tailored historical background.

The majority of people in Amadiya have a strong Muslim background. What is fascinating really? Well, you will love the mountain views that are in Northern Iraq. It’s actually good to travel to Amadiya.


Isfahan in Iran is known for its strong Islamic stand but contrary to popular belief, Iran is a popular tourist destination and a safe place to visit. With its enhanced historical background, Isfahan is ranked alongside Athens and Rome. All of the amazing and exhilarating Islamic architecture is the best part of Isfahan. The magnificent Mosques and fantastically composed giant domes all contribute to the great achievement of those who orchestrated various architectural feats.

The Old City of Damascus

Damascus is two-sided city that has piqued the interest of many tourists who want to spend a day, week or two immersed in Middle Eastern culture.  The old city of Damascus  is often called the “Syrian marvel” and is one-of-a-kind. It is a city with a long history that dates back to before Christ. It has remained a historical stronghold until now. At its peak, it stretched from Spain to Iran and was once a powerful empire. Today, Damascus’ Old City is a safe city with good modern architecture fused with medieval structures.

Take note that many places in the Middle East have a strong historical strand that has resulted in them becoming tourist traps. Make sure to book a licensed guide and use travel agencies recommended by your hotel when booking day-trips.

We hope that this article has inspired you to visit the Middle East!

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