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A Romantic Getaway In Jaipur? Tree Of Life Is Your Answer!

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I’m a sucker for anything that is close to the word ‘romantic’. Candle light dinners, greeting cards, chocolate bouquets, helicopter rides, long walks… literally anything! But nothing, and I mean, nothing beats a bae-cation. Especially if it’s in the city of culture — Jaipur.



And ‘Tree Of Life’ is the resort you have to book. Not only is it situated at the most beautiful location, surrounded by lush greenery, every part of it will make you feel royal. Blush pink architecture, totally in sync with the vibe of the city is like staying inside a palace. Your very own palatial home. Well, at least for the weekend!



The property has  13 villas for double occupancy, though they are spacious enough for a family of fifteen. So, you know who is going to have some fun playing hide ‘n seek. No seriously, the seating area has just won my heart. You can just imagine yourself all cuddled up in a blanket, drinking champagne, and talking about everything that you desire.



Apart from the spa services, traditional meals, and friendly staff, what made me zero in at this resort is the customised package for you and your partner. For INR 4,200 you go to the local market, meet the villagers and pick ingredients for dinner later. Then you don the chef hat with your bae and cook a fantastic meal! With the chef’s guidance obviously. Dine under the stars after cooking it together… that’s the dream, right?



There are other packages just for couples, including one that gives you the experience of eating with elephants! WHAT! This and just so much more at Tree Of Life. The hotel also has properties in Udaipur, Varanasi, Binsar, Agar, and Kerela. Take your pick and plan your vacay! But my priorities lie with the Jaipur one.

This is a dedicated post in collaboration with Tree Of Life.


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