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5 Offbeat Hill Stations In South India That You Just Cannot Miss!

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Whether its summer, winter or the monsoons, a weekend getaway to a hill station is always a good idea. Just a few days in that serene climate can refresh you and prepare you to tackle the hectic real world all over again. And what could beat the gorgeous locales in the southern part of our country! We all know about Ooty, Coorg and Munnar, but South India is so more than that. Unravel these hidden gems and make your next trip a lot more interesting.



Courtesy: Salem Tourism

1. Yercaud

Fancy a soothing boat ride amidst sloping hills? Then head to Yercaud in Tamil Nadu to enjoy a blissful break. It is part of the Shevaroys range in the Western ghats and is often called the ‘Jewel of South’. Its mystic valleys will make you fall in love — with it and in it.

Where to stay: One of the best resorts in Yercaud is the Grand Palace Hotel and Spa. It overlooks the hills, giving you an absolutely breathtaking view.

How to get there: Yercaud is around 4.5 hours away from Bangalore and roughly 6 hours from Chennai. That only means one thing — road trip!


Idukki _hauterfly

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2. Idukki

Straight out of a fairytale, this beautiful place in Kerala is covered with trees, rivers and hills. Every nature lover’s paradise, Idukki tops our travel list. Home to what looks like a carpet of flowers, this spot is fresh, lively and lovely. We are totally tripping out on this natural dash of colour!

Where to stay: Idukki is famous for its warm homestays and the Elathottam plantation is the best place to experience this hospitality. It is a cardamom plantation, so it promises to smell deliciously heady at all times.

How to get there: It is a smooth 2 hours drive from Kochi airport. There are trains from Bangalore and Chennai at regular intervals.



Courtesy: Sankar

3. Kotagiri

With unbelievably amazing weather almost all year round, Kotagiri, the third highest hill station in Tamil Nadu, is a must-visit. No matter which part of the town you’re at, you will always hear the majestic sounds of a waterfall hurtling down the hills. Known for its tea plantations and estates, make sure you visit Kotagiri in the rainy season.

Where to stay: Stay at the Green Nest Resort to experience Kotagiri in all its glory. Once you visit the site, we guarantee your fingers will be creeping towards the booking button.

How to get there: Coimbatore airport is the nearest, if you are planning to travel by air. Otherwise, Kotagiri is fairly close to Ooty as well.



Courtesy: Indian Holiday

4. Vythiri

If you are in search of some much-needed peace and quiet, Vyithri in Wayanand, Kerela, should be your go-to destination. Take long romantic walks in the pine tree forests with your partner or learn a few tricks at the green tea plantations from the locals. There isn’t much to do but just kick up your feet and relax!

Where to stay: Vythiri is more known for the Vythiri Village Resort than for the hill station itself! That should be reason enough for you to book your stay here — immediately!

How to get there: The nearest airport is at Calicut, which is only an hour away from Vythiri. You can opt for an airport pick-up from the resort.



Courtesy: Indias Hotels

5. Vagamon

Serpentine paths, tiny cottages and cascading waterfalls invite you to this evergreen, ever scenic little town. Boat rides that take you to the interiors of the jungle is a treat for travellers. The mystic hills will render you speechless and help you leave all your city troubles behind.

Where to stay: Stay in a treehouse at the Holiday Vagamon for an authentic and exciting experience.

How to get there: The nearest railway station is Kutiikanam while the closest airport is at Cochin. The roads will tempt you to ditch your car and explore Vagamon on cycles or on foot.


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