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This Quiet Café In Jaipur Is The Reason We Want To Shift There!

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Often when we complain about city life, the constant battle that is the commute, the looming pressure of deadlines, we want to get away. To a place where we can curl up in a corner with a book, watch the world pass by and get away from the chaos of daily life. Escape is perhaps closer than you have imagine.

28 Kothi in Jaipur is a guest house that is all about making you feel at home while pampering you. And now they have a brand new cafe for when you want to daily dose of coffee before you tune out. The cozy space has sunlight streaming in, homely vibes and gently swaying drapes that make for the perfect ambience.


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Café Kothi is in sync with the vibe of that of the 5 room stay space. The white walls hold a shelf full of plants, green and resplendent. One of the sides sports the tropical print that defines the interior of the guest house. Brown chairs and tables to complement the decor perfectly.


Cafe Kothi In Jaipur_Hauterfly


But of course, there is a pink sofa to break the monotony of the space. And add that dash of colour. A 22 seater café, it is divided into an indoor and outdoor section.


Cafe Kothi In Jaipur_Hauterfly


Work on your presentation, binge watch your favourite show, read a rom-com novel while sipping on their exotic coffees and tea. There are an array of options like Kashmiri Kahwa, Kothi Ayurvedic Tea, Honey Cappuccino, and more!


Cafe Kothi In Jaipur_Hauterfly


All of that while devouring the delicious Indian meets Mediterranean cuisine. Cooked with farm fresh goodies, everything here is as natural and yummy as it can get. Trust me, vegetarian food has never looked this good. Oh, and there is something for vegans too!


Cafe Kothi In Jaipur_Hauterfly


While I go dream of Grilled Vegetables and Pesto Panini, Soba Noodles with Ginger Sweet Scallion Sauce and Spicy Peanut, and Fresh Summer Vegetable Soup… you go book your tickets to this heaven. They are reserved almost all the time, so hurry!

This is a dedicated post in collaboration with 28 Kothi.


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