Throwback Thursday: Kyo Kii…Main Jhuth Nahin Bolta Trivialises Cheating, Dishonesty And Misogyny

Throwback Thursday: Kyo Kii…Main Jhuth Nahin Bolta Trivialises Cheating, Dishonesty And Misogyny

In the past few months, week after week, I have watched so many bad movies from the past, for this segment. I would have been worried about the number of hours of my life I have been investing in this but I am glad that it made me realise so many things. When these movies released we were too young to understand the bits that were so obviously cringe-worthy. These films that I dissect on Thursdays come doused in sexism, shaming, stereotypes and how these things were passed as the norm back then.

This week I decided to revisit Kyu Kii..Main Jhuth Nahin Bolta starring dishonesty, opportunism and greed as leads. Of course, there are also Sushmita Sen (Sonam), Govinda (Raj), and Rambha (Tara) in the film. Like most sexist films, the patriarchy in this one too comes under the guise of humour. It’s like someone sent you a casserole of biryani but spiked with laxative pills.

Raj Malhotra hails from Hoshiarpur, a small town in Punjab and arrives in Mumbai with dreams in his heart and a stinky attitude in his pocket. He wants to be a big lawyer in the city of dreams and has a degree in Bachelor of Legislative Law and Masters in Douchebaggery. Oh…now I get it. This is why his friend kept calling him master each time he did something asshole-y. Right from the start, it’s established that this is a shameless man especially when he disses the humble abode and career of his friend who selflessly offered to help him out.

That’s nothing. His ambitions are big and he wants to marry this rich and successful lawyer’s daughter using his reputation and network as an elevator to success because climbing the ladder with your hard work is apparently for lowly creatures. He devises an entire ladki phasao paise kamao yojana because deep down, he’s a salesman and not really a lawyer. This is probably why, Sonam (the lawyer’s daughter) mistook him for a salesman when he was constantly trying to select clothes, shoes, and sunglasses for her.

Eventually, through his impeccable salesmanship, he sells his soul off and marries Sonam in the hopes of inheriting the wealth and legal firm run by her dad. But unfortunately, Sonam decides to move out and live with Raj in a small house because apparently, it’s shameful for a husband to move in with his wife. But when it’s the other way around, it’s completely alright. All this while, competing with Raj has been Adarsh, Sonam’s older sister’s husband who also married her for money. But it’s funny how the older sister has absolutely no role in the film. Except when Raj tells his friend that she looks ugly like a “chhota bargat ka ped.” Well, there’s a whole lot of body-shaming as the movie progresses. Wait for it!

Apparently, seven years later, this man has made a huge ton of money by compulsively lying, selling his conscience and winning cases using legally invalid arguments. He continues to lie to his wife and child and fails as both husband and parent. He goes on to have an affair with Tara, another woman he is using as a success elevator. In fact, on their wedding anniversary, he actually leaves his wife and takes his mistress out for dinner.

At some point, Sonam is fed up of him and leaves him, which is when their son wishes that his dad is never able to lie again. With that wish granted, Raj and his brand of douchebaggery gets totally screwed and he actually ends up winning a case fair and square. He somehow realises that he’s been a jerk and Sonam forgives him instantly. Honestly, I hate it how these movies give men their salvation so easily. Like it almost encourages them to be assholes because all they have to do is look just a little apologetic; there are no serious consequences to their actions.

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Btw, all this change of heart happens but meanwhile in his truth spell, he has unleased so much body-shaming onto the world! He calls Tara fat and says if she sits on a weak guy’s lap he can become handicapped. He goes on to call his female colleague “bhains” and his househelp, bulldozer. Someone tell him it’s not about being truthful but also having a heart that’s not filled with so much spite!

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