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Three Men Gang Raped A Woman In A Hotel In Mumbai. Is The City No Longer Safe For Its Women?

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In 2012, when the Nirbhaya case first hit news channels, there was an outrage. People took to the streets, held memorials and spoke in detail about how women’s safety in our country has gone to the dogs. Now, it’s seven years later and Nirbhaya’s rapists have been executed but unfortunately, that’s the only thing that’s different and the outrage seems to have died down. Women are now, more than ever, at danger of becoming prey to monstrous and leechy men and this lockdown and pandemic have not made it any better. Gang-rapes are still very prevalent. In fact, there was one in Mumbai recently but no one seems to be talking about it. A woman was gang-raped by three men during an engagement party in a hotel. It’s horrifying. 

A 22-year-old woman was raped by three men, who had invited her to an engagement party on 8th November. This horrific incident happened in a hotel on the Andheri-Kurla road. It came to light when the complainant lodged a complaint against the three accused men- Avinash Pangekar, Shishir and Tejas.  

In her complaint, the victim claimed that she and two other women were invited to this engagement party and after everyone had left, she was gang-raped by those three men. A woman who is unsafe at a party, imagine that. So much for “women’s safety”. Avinash Pangekar, one of the accused, had thrown his engagement party and invited the victim to the hotel. He forced her to drink alcohol and once everyone had left, the three men stayed back and raped her. Exactly how does any of the “Beti Bachao” crap we have been fed, fit in here? 

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The victim narrated this incident to her family days after it had occurred. Her family took her to a nearby police station to file her complaint. The case is being investigated by the Sahar police station. A police officer said, “The accused have fled but we will soon nab them. The victim has been sent to Cooper Hospital for medical tests and we are waiting for a report.” 

This is sickening, to say the least. These men need to be nabbed and held accountable. Actually, enough talk, we need a more long-term solution. How are people not concerned with the rapidly growing number of rape cases? A woman getting gang-raped in a hotel in Mumbai should be something journalists on news channels scream about. But that’s not happening, why? What I am asking is, how many women have to get raped before people and the government see that it’s become an epidemic? This entire ordeal that took place in this hotel is scary enough to haunt my nightmares. Oh, and the worst part is that there will be some people who will try and blame the victim for this. I can almost hear them saying, “she was at a party, so she was asking for it” or “she was drinking alcohol, what character must she have?”. We are a country full of people whose forte is to overreact, so why are still underpaying rape?

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