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This Woman Lost Her Engagement Ring At Work Packing Parcels. She’s Hoping A Customer Will Return It. We Hope So Too

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Some would say getting engaged is much more exciting than the wedding itself. It is usually a surprise and is usually one of the first milestone events towards locking in on a life partner. The best part? You get to enjoy that security and warmth in your relationship sans the pressure marriage brings along. And if you’re living with your family, you are still sleeping in your own sweet bed. Your parents suddenly cease to have any issues with you going out late night with your fiancé and this courtship period is when your bond leaps into strength and longevity. This is why your engagement ring will always be special and you’d never want to lose it. Okay, also because it’s expensive AF!

Imagine the trepidation this girl would’ve felt who realised she lost her engagement ring at work! Jasmine Paget, an 18-year-old Amazon employee from Swansea felt devastated when she found that her ring was missing, after her shift in the packaging department. Jasmine got engaged to Josh Mannings, 20, this Valentine’s Day and she couldn’t believe she lost her ring just within months of owning it.

Jasmine Paget यांनी वर पोस्ट केले सोमवार, ८ जून, २०२०

Daily Mail quoted her, “I reckon I lost the ring in the last hour of my shift as I do tend to glance down to admire it now and then, and when I looked down this time, it was just gone.” When she realised it’s gone she felt panic taking over and immediately notified her managers. Jasmine expressed, “I was so gutted. I felt my heart in my stomach, I started crying and just went to my managers to find out if there’s anyway they could find it. It definitely went into a parcel, we just can’t tell what one which is so frustrating! I roughly pack 160 packages an hour and I package up such a wide variety of parcels so it could be in any type of parcel.” Well, there was no way of finding the ring in such a huge pile of parcels.

I know this is a long shot off, but if anyone receives an amazon parcel with an engagement ring in please could you let…

Jasmine Paget यांनी वर पोस्ट केले शनिवार, ६ जून, २०२०

Jasmine took to social media to seek help in finding her lost engagement ring. She wrote: “I know this is a long shot off, but if anyone receives an amazon parcel with an engagement ring in please could you let me or amazon know ASAP. I lost my engagement ring in a parcel earlier today while working and it’s been sent out to a customer. Devestated that I’ve lost it and just hope it finds its way back! Feel free to share (sic) .” Her post has been shared by several people and they are trying to spread the word as much as possible.

And while her fiancé Josh, as she says has been quite understanding, she is hoping that an honest customer will find it and return it. She has placed all her bets on her faith in humanity and really, we hope against hope that honesty prevails. “The response on social media has been incredible and we’re just trying to stay positive and hope that somebody finds it,” Jasmine said.

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Her story has been shared by several netizens as we’re all waiting to see if she finds her lost engagement ring. It will really be a story that will warm hearts, especially theirs. There’s still hope because a similar incident had happened back in 2017 when an amazon packer lost her engagement ring. The customer who found it actually returned it. So all’s not lost! But just a quick tip, Jasmine, engagement rings shouldn’t be worn when working in the packaging department! None of my married/engaged friends wear their OG ring on a daily basis. In fact, I’d be anxious all the time if I have something of such great value on my finger. I’d rather keep it aside and wear a regular one so I don’t lose my heartbeat if in case it’s lost!

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