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This Luxury Hotel In Delhi Threw Open Its Doors And Applauded Doctors And Nurses For Their Service. This Is So Heart Warming

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In our household, we keep joking and complaining about this lockdown, comparing ourselves to prisoners or caged animals. Don’t you think it is rather messed up to be cribbing about being locked up in our homes while people are out there fighting this battle for us? Look, I know that by now we all feel suffocated and cooped up. But I would rather feel suffocated than break this lockdown because you know as well as I do, if it weren’t for this lockdown, India would’ve become an epicentre of coronavirus long ago.

Just think about the healthcare staff who are risking their lives by working so closely with COVID 19 patients just so that we can get out of this pandemic alive, healthy and happy. They haven’t met their families for days and here we are complaining about staying with ours for so long. They are tirelessly working towards a better tomorrow so that we can resume our lives and I feel extremely grateful towards them for that.

There is no doubt that they are superheroes without whom we wouldn’t stand a chance and I so glad that people are finally starting to see that. After hearing about so many incidents where doctors and nurses were misbehaved with, this incident that has gone viral is really warming my heart. I am talking about how doctors and nurses, who are working against COVID19, were received when they entered Hotel Lalit in Delhi.

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A few doctors and nurses who are on coronavirus duty at Lok Nayak Hospital and GB Pant Hospital are being housed in the luxury hotel by the Delhi government for the time being. Before I get into it, I would just like to mention that it is so amazing that The Lalit has opened its doors to these doctors and nurses. On Sunday, when they arrived at the hotel, they were greeted with a big round of applause by the hotel staff.

Taking to Twitter the hotel posted the video of their staff clapping for these doctors and nurses as soon as they walk through the door. The way they have appreciated these doctors and nurses is so positive and reaffirming and of course, it’s such a lovely gesture.

When PM Modi announced that everyone in India was supposed to clap for doctors and nurses on the 22nd March, perhaps they didn’t get the chance to hear us all. But now, it’s so amazing to see that they are being appreciated and honoured in a proper manner.

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