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This Couple Got Hitched On The Border Of Kerala And Tamil Nadu Because Their Families Could Not Get Travel Passes. This Is Genius

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Wedding planning is a nightmare. Getting the perfect venue, ensuring that all the people whose weddings you have attended are invited (the worst case of FOMO in Indian society), budgeting for those thousand people, finding the ideal outfit that matches the budget but still makes you look and feel like a princess and the last and possibly the most important- ensuring the food is out of the world. There is no end to the madness which is why I think you will agree when I say that it’s more fun to attend weddings that to actually plan them, unless you’re a wedding planner. 

However, like a lot of other things, this pandemic has completely changed the way we plan weddings. Now it’s not about the guest list, the food and whole sho-sha, it’s about just how much you are willing to risk to be married to your partner. Let’s face it, there is no greater signal of commitment than being willing to get married during a pandemic. I really love how couples are finding new ways and exploiting lockdown loopholes to get married.

The most recent being this couple who got married on the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala all because they could not obtain travel passes. If this is not the perfect example of Indian jugaad, I don’t know what is.   

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Robinson, a native of Coimbatore, and Priyanka, a resident of Munnar in Idukki tied the knot at the Chinnar check-point between the two states. The Chinnar check-point officials and the forest officials set up a mandap, sanitized the garlands and kept hand sanitizers at the ready to conduct this inter-state wedding. Seriously, how cool is this plan? 

On Sunday morning, Robinson walked over from the Tamil Nadu side of the border and Priyanka walked from the Kerala side. Both were obviously adorned with face masks and all the necessary precautions were taken. The couple met at the excise checkpoint in Chinnar between the two states and got hitched there. 

The officials rolled out a mat on the road and the mandap was set up on top of that. The reason that this wedding had to be done in this manner is that the families were unable to procure travel passes. All of them have now been advised to quarantine themselves for the next two weeks. 

The wedding took place between 8:30 and 8:45 on Sunday morning. Since the family was asked to maintain distance from the couple, the whole wedding was done by the officials. They handed the couple sanitised garlands and then the thali but not before ensuring they both sanitise their hands. 

The couple was originally supposed to be married on March 22nd at a temple in Coimbatore. Their families were completely ready but the lockdown rained on their parade. Priyanka’s father Sekhar said, “We tried for passes to travel to Coimbatore for almost two months but to no avail. Since the Karkidaka Masam (an auspicious month for the people in Kerala) was soon approaching and no weddings are allowed during this season, we once again requested the officials to allow us to conduct the wedding. Finally, with the help of former Devikulam MLA AK Mani, we got the pass from the Collector.”  

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But the heartbreaking moment came when the newlywed couple had to leave their families without even as much as a hug because of the social distancing norms. She was asked to bring a suitcase with her so that she could leave with her husband directly. Needless to say, this was extremely upsetting for her parents but her father says that they will have another small ceremony once the lockdown is over. 

This lockdown has really forced people to think outside the box when it comes to weddings. I daresay that this pandemic has totally changed the workings of Indian weddings. People have done so much jugaad to ensure their wedding is on track. Like the couple who sent out wedding invitations by post with a zoom link and password on it. They had 100 people on that zoom call watching them get married. Or the couple who got married in a quarantine centre in Odisha. Their story was so cute.   

Indians take weddings very seriously and this lockdown has brought it back to its bare essentials. People have found various loopholes and gotten married while still being perfectly safe. Like, who would’ve thought of having an interstate wedding on the border? It’s genius.

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