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This Comedian Was Shamed For Her Weight But She Wasn’t Having It. Why Do Confident Women Rattle Us?

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Here at Hauterfly, we try and discuss as many issues relating to women as we can. From incidents of rape and domestic violence to celebrities talking about the casting couch and the gender bias that exists within Bollywood. One topic that we have spoken a whole lot about is- body shaming. I think it’s something most women have been through. Society expects us to be absolutely perfect and tries to mould us to strive for unrealistic body goals. When we fail to meet their expectations, because we are humans and not dolls, we are shamed and called out. This happens more often than not with celebrities. 

Yes, we are privy to every aspect of their lives but that doesn’t give anyone the right to drop unsolicited comments on how they look or why they have put on those few extra kilos. And while a lot of actresses have been fending these body shamers off with witty clapbacks and making them eat their words, it seems like people on social media still haven’t got the hint. 

Recently, actor/comedian Sumukhi Suresh took to her Instagram to post a screenshot where a netizen that goes by the name lilly_was_a_little_gurl (what an insult to Alan Walker) commented on one of her posts asking her why doesn’t she lose some weight. 

The comment read, “why don’t you just lose some fucking weight girl!!!!”. 

I’m sorry but I have to ask, how is this any of this girl’s concern? I mean, what prompted her to go out of her way to drop a comment like this? I am so glad Sumukhi not only shut this body shamer down but also posted it all over social media. This is will teach “lily” and all the others that have the same body-shaming urge, to grow up and not comment on other people’s weight and bodies. 

Sumukhi’s reply to this comment was witty and on point. She talked about how her workout regime is aimed at getting fit and how her nutritionist told her to not to choose, “losing weight” or “losing her mind”. Enough said. 

There is so much more to a person than the way to look or what number shows up with they stand on a weighing scale. People prioritize how a person looks over who the person is or what the person stands for and this narrow-thinking is just so sad. I think that is where all the problems lie. 

While celebrities often such ignore comments, their social media comment section is often a breeding ground for negativity. People drop unwarranted comments on how they look and what they should do to fit into the moulds.

Instead of taking advantage of the anonymity that social media offers and dropping hollow comments like these, I think it’s important that we focus on self-love and body positivity. It’s so refreshing when you open social media and Instagram influencers talking about how having stretch marks, thick thighs and big hips are perfectly okay because what matters, in the end, is how much you love and trust yourself. 

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Instagram Bloggers like Aashna Bhagwani, Neha Parulkar and Meenu Goel are spreading the message of body positivity. Their videos about loving yourself are extremely inspiring and we are all for it. If you aren’t following them already, please do so. Watching their videos makes you feel so much better and at peace in your own skin. 

I think it’s time that people are reminding that Nietzsche was right when he said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It can’t be defined by size.

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