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This 105-Year-Old Woman From Kerala Cleared Her Class 4 Exams And Scored Full Marks In Math. We Love This

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Women are fierce beings and we were never meant to be “followers”. We are iron-willed, and we may be emotional, but we derive strength from our passion; it doesn’t weaken us. Today, I came across a heart-warming tale of 105-year-old Bhageerathi Amma, hailing from Kollam in Kerala. With wrinkles of love, joy, and experience on a slight body, Amma still has enough nous to clear the fourth-standard equivalency examination by the State Literacy Mission with flying colours.

With that, Amma created history by becoming the oldest student to take that exam. She scored 205 out of 275 marks, with full marks in Math! Amma also scored pretty well in English, Malayalam and Nammalum Namukku Chuttum (current affairs). One would think a woman at such a ripe age would want to rest and relax but here she is, forging ahead, scoring full marks in math and even reciting poems.

This is commendable, considering that we millennials find it difficult to recollect what we did the previous day. If I am sleep deprived, I don’t even remember why I walked into a room or what I needed from my bag when I reach out for it.

PS Sreekala, director of Kerala Literacy Mission, personally visited Bhageerathi’s home to congratulate her. And complimenting on her math score, she told Amma, “So you really meant it when you said Math was really easy!” referring to a statement she had made earlier. At that point, Amma just flashed a big, child-like smile.

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In fact, the Kerala State Literacy Mission (KSLM) has made Bhageerathi Amma the brand ambassador so she can inspire women across the state to complete their education. She is in fact, motivated to appear for the next level and hopes to complete the 10th equivalent exams someday. This is so inspiring; clearly you can never be too old to learn or even get back to completing your education.

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