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Everything You Need To Know About The World’s Smallest Phone that Launched In India

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At a time when it is a rat race among tech companies to launch phones that are better than the previous ones, something interesting and funny has happened. Funny or maybe, genius?

E-commerce platform Yerha has launched what is being called ‘World’s Smallest Phone’, because it is literally the size of a credit card. Yup, that tiny. Elari Nanophone C is here to change the game.

But hold on. This phone is a GSM feature one, and not a smartphone, even though it does have a micro SD slot. The exact dimensions of the phone are 35.8 mm x 94.4 mm x 6 mm, which means this phone is 1.4 inches wide, 3.71 inches in length, and only 0.2-inches in thickness.

And it weighs around 30 grams. Finally, a phone that you can play catch-catch with.


World's Smallest Phone In India_Hauterfly


The phone can support up to 32 GB storage, and has an MP3 player, FM radio, voice recorder, and alarm. You can add up to 1,000 contacts and if you don’t use the phone at all, it will last for 4 days. But then, what’s the point of that? So, if you talk on it, then it will last for 4 hours.


This little phone comes in rose gold, black, and silver colour options.

But, the most important question — how much does it cost?

It is Rs 3,940. Cheap? yes. Worth it? Still no. Just cause the Nokia 3310 costs less and has better features, along with the trusted brand name.

The phone is already out of stock but because of its high demand, they may restock it. Keep checking the Yerha website if you want to get your hands on this one.


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