6 Tech Necessities That’ll Change The Way You Do Things

6 Tech Necessities That’ll Change The Way You Do Things

We’re way past the time where we depend on someone else to take care of stuff for us. Be it that long overdue appointment to the dermat or going for a much-needed run — ladies, we’re way too independent to be relying on people to help us look after ourselves! Loving yourself has a lot to do with having your own back and doing things for yourself. Nothing feels better than being capable of taking care of yourself. Trust me.

Whoever said being independent was only about earning a living for yourself? When it comes to technology, most of us are pretty unaware. In the process, we totally skip tech accessories and apps that can actually help to make our lives simpler and way more productive. This February, give your old technology a break and indulge in these sleek products instead.



House Of Marley Speakers

1. Portable speakers

Portable speakers are the need of the hour, whether you’re a solo traveler or not. Your friend’s got a pair and you keep wondering what’s the big deal about it. We tend to carry our music everywhere we go and portable speakers are so helpful. Most of them come with a bluetooth connection and an aux so you can use either to play your favourite tracks without damaging your ear drums with those earphones. These are fabulous for when you’re travelling in a group too. Pick one of these for yourself instead of relying on someone else to bring them along. Besides portable speakers, you absolutely need these gadgets when you’re out exploring the world.

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Jawbone Up3 Heart, Health and Activity Tracker

2. Fitness Tracker

Taking care of your health is very, very important and I really can’t stress that enough. Even if you’re not someone who is big on fitness and working out, know that eating right is not enough to maintain a good physique. You need to exercise to burn those extra inches and calories. You don’t want health-related issues later on, right? Given our busy schedules, it’s hard to keep track of how many calories one is burning and this is where a fitness tracker comes into the picture. Most fitness trackers count the number of steps you walk, calculate the calories burnt and keep a track on your heart rate too. The variety of colours makes sure that it blends well with your jewellery and everyday outfits too.

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Apple Watch

3. Smart watch

With everything from your microwave to your cellphone being tech friendly these days, you definitely need a smart watch that shows you your notifications at one glance. On the Apple watch, you can receive and reply to notifications in a matter of seconds. Not just that, this watch gives you a tap when you receive a notification. You can control your music simply by making use of your voice. This just gets cooler every second! The Apple watch also works similarly to a fitness tracker. So if you’re looking for everything in one thing, you can skip the fitness tracker and go for the watch instead.

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Lenovo Portable Charger

4. Portable Charger

This is by far the most important piece of technology you will need. You know how important your smart phone is, given how many things you can actually do using only your smartphone today. From getting to a new locality using Google Maps to paying your phone bills online, there’s nothing you can’t do directly from your phone today. You need to make sure your phone is charged at all times because you never know when you might need it. Especially when you’re travelling alone and tend to come home at odd hours, you can’t afford to have zero battery charge. Most portable chargers give you about 3 full charges before you need to charge the portable charger again. All you need to do is plug your USB cord in and charge your phone on the go. Pretty useful, eh? You can also check out these super cute portable chargers for a more fun take!

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5. Drupe App

Drupe combines all your contacts and communication apps in one place and makes it super easy for you to look through your contacts and effectively manage your time and work. This app, available on Android, is accessible from all your screens, which saves you so much time when you think about it. You can also save contact-based reminders with this app, to make sure you don’t forget important meetings and appointments. Since it gathers all your communications apps in one place, you don’t have to struggle with how to contact someone. Just pick from the list of apps you have and voila!




6. Streaming device

Seriously, waiting for TV shows and movies to play on your television is so 2015. Just download a streaming device, which makes it super duper convenient for you to watch what you like, when you like. Yes, it’s possible and no, it’s not difficult to operate. Netflix India has three types of subscriptions that you can choose from and the best part is the first month is completely free. So you can check it out for yourself, depending on whether you like it or not, you can continue or discontinue once your trial expires. After signing up, you can access Netflix from literally anywhere: your phone, tablet, computer or TV. Just click on what you want to watch and watch it anywhere, anytime.


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