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Snapchat’s New Discover Update Is So Addictive!

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After releasing a plethora of adorable new stickers last week, Snapchat has now got a brand new design update. This time, it’s the “Stories” and “Discover” tabs that have gotten a major overhaul — all so that Snap fiends like you and me can discover new content from the range of publisher channels currently showcasing their content on Snapchat.

First up, the “Stories” section has been redesigned to look bigger and more enticing (to benefit said publishers). Gone are the drab, vanilla circles with logos. Instead, the section now has a tiled display on top with an enticing lead story to get you clicking. Of course, you can just skip that entirely and check out your friends’ feed instead!


Courtesy: Ivory Content


However, if you actually want to see some cool content from your favourite brands, just swipe left on the main screen and you will see the “Discover” section with attractively large images and headlines from various publishers. It almost mimics a magazine layout and you feel like you’re browsing through a Flipboard-esque page.

The new design makes it super easy to find your favourite channels, and you can even subscribe to them so that they show up directly in your Snapchat Story feed instead. This is a great way for publishers to get in front of users with short attention spans (guilty as charged!). In addition to this, Snapchat has also upped the functionality on chat and made the app run a lot smoother on both iOS and Android.

We’d love to hear what you think about this update. Tell us in the comments below!


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