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4 New Apps That You Should Download Right Now

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With a zillion apps being released made every year, how does one figure which ones are worth downloading and which ones aren’t worth it at all? You only figure out how good these apps are when you download them, check them out for yourself and then decide whether you want to keep them or not. Or you can read our app reviews and decide for yourself, without having to make too much of an effort, I love reviewing apps and trying them out so that you don’t have to.

Check out these four apps and what we think about them:



1. Starbucks Keyboard

This is true! Starbucks came out with their own emoji keyboard which is pretty fun to use. From various frappucinos and frappes to cake pops and gold stars, this app has it all! Once you download this app, you’ll have to change the settings of your keyboard and choose the Starbucks Keyboard from the options. What didn’t work for me was the emojis get sent to the person like an image instead of an emoji, not to mention how slow this app works. But if you want to show some java loving, then this app’s for you.

Download here: Android, iOS



2. Moodoo

We all get tired of making plans with friends because there’s always someone who doesn’t have an opinion and is okay with anything and everything (then makes faces when you finally pick a place). Meet Moodoo — an app that helps you make plans with your friends without having to actually talk to them. This app has a simple interface making it extremely easy to understand and use. It takes into account what you feel like doing and who you want to chill with. After that, all you need to do is pick an activity or customise your own and select who you want to do it with. Once you invite them, they let you know if they’re available or not. Making plans couldn’t be easier!

Download here: Android, iOS



3. Down To Lunch

Another app that makes it easy to connect with friends and make plans spontaneously, Down To Lunch is very easy to use. All you do is press down on the button once you open the app. Down To Lunch then sends a push notification to your friends and they can then click on the button to reply to you. You’ll be surprised at how easily your plans are being made. What’s best about this app is how quick and spontaneous it is, making sure that you’re open to having lunch with all kinds of friends.

Download here: Android, iOS



4. Glow

Keeping a track of your period can be quite a hassle and not all of us remember to mark the date on a calendar. Glow helps you keep a check on when you got your last period, besides being an ovulation tracker and fertility calendar. It takes care of everything for you and helps you monitor your reproductive health. The app also sends you reminders for when you need to take medicines and contraceptives. Could this get any cooler?

Download this app here: Android, iOS


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