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Japleen Is Ready To Start The Party With This Awesome Speaker!

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My tech knowledge is limited to turning on my laptop, searching for things on Google, and shutting down my laptop. Anything more than that and my mind goes blank. I’m constantly and helplessly looking around like a lost puppy for some help. Given how tech-challenged I am, you can only image my plight when I’m looking for gadgets. One word? Disaster! I have to go over a thousand reviews, ask my techy friends for suggestions, bang my head a few times, and only then, zero in on a product.

So when I was looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker, I annoyed many people! I travel a lot and usually it’s in a group. One essential that we absolutely need are speakers — I mean how will we sing and dance all night without them? That said, the product has to be portable because a heavy speaker is a big no-no!

And that’s exactly what this swanky JBL Pulse Bluetooth LED Speaker is — lightweight. Usually the sound quality of smaller speakers are not great but this one breaks that notion. With volume levels that can start a party and have your neighbours complaining (not that we’re encouraging that kinda behaviour *wink*), I am pretty impressed. The best part, though, are the built-in LED lights! Giving you the best of both worlds, you can listen to music while enjoying the magical light display. Turn your room into a disco by switching off the lights and turning on the speaker. It comes in two colours — red and black, so take your pick.

Costing less than 2k, it’s a major steal. Keep it at your work station for a bit of an office after-party or take it on a road trip with you. I guarantee that this trustee little JBL will become your new BFF.

SHOP NOW: JBL Pulse Bluetooth LED Speaker (Rs 1,566)


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