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6 Ways To Get More Storage Space On Your iPhone

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“Storage Almost Full.” Sounds familiar? I’m sure it does. The one problem with me and my phone is storage. Somehow, I’m greeted with that flashing message on my screen almost every day. It’s annoying, to say the least. We buy good phones to click tons of pictures and use different apps, right? So we refuse to understand why storage becomes such a big problem.

But I guess there’s only so much that even smartphones can take! Annoying as it may be, storage is an important part of every device. In today’s day and age, more popularly known as the ‘selfie generation’, clicking pictures is a must. While photos do take up a large part of your iPhone’s memory, there are several other things that you might be doing — like storing music — that tends to take up space on your iPhones.

But don’t worry. We’ll tell you how you can avoid that hassling “Storage Almost Full” message with these nifty hacks.

1. Delete Text Messages

Thanks to WhatsApp and iMessage, we hardly use text messaging services anymore. This is exactly why we let those random text messages lie there in our inbox, wasting away. These messages actually take up a lot of your phone’s memory, so go to your Messages folder and start deleting the messages you don’t need.

2. Delete Photos From Extra Folders

If you have an iPhone, you know about those extra folders that get created within the Camera Roll. Instagram, Snapchat, and several other apps tend to save the pictures you click on the apps to separate folders. This is not required since it leads to double the number of pictures and loss of valuable storage space. So get rid of these random folders ASAP.

3. Turn Off HDR

HDR (high dynamic range imaging), is always set to auto on iPhones within the Camera app. In simple terms, HDR basically helps you take 3 different images of the same object at different exposures. Essentially, you get to select which image works best. While this is a great feature, you don’t really need to use it every time. To solve this problem, you could either turn off HDR inside the Camera app or go to Settings → Photos and Video→ Deselect the “save original photo” under HDR. Simple!

4. Back Up

Some people (like me) tend to NEVER delete stuff from their phones. From pictures to apps, I somehow never get around to deleting unwanted things. Instead of doing this, we must all back up our images, songs, videos and more, to either our laptops or to the Cloud. By doing this, you can now safely delete all of the unwanted stuff from your iPhones and free up space.

5. Music

We all have tons of songs on our phones, don’t we? Listening to music on the go is an essential part of our lives. Unfortunately, they take up a huge amount of space. To avoid this, transfer all your songs to iTunes on your laptops. Then, you can stream all your music using the Home Sharing feature. Easy, right?

6. Keep An Eye On The Recently Deleted Folder

The Recently Deleted folder stores all the images that you have deleted from your Camera Roll. The images continue to lie there for a long time. This takes up a large chunk of space. So, make sure that you delete all your images from this folder on a regular basis.


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