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Instagram Wants You To Watch More Videos!

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Even if you’re not a tech geek, I’m sure like us you wait for the latest updates to your favourite social apps in the hopes there’ll be a feature you really, really want. And of course, Instagram aims to please. The social networking app has now added a new feature that will help users get personalised video recommendations every time they open the Explore tab.



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In April this year, Instagram added video channels to the Explore tab to help users find cool video clips along with interesting people to follow. Taking this a step further with the new update, the app will now make video suggestions based on your Instagram activity and also organise them into specific categories.

The ‘Picked For You’ section will feature 23 new video channels that cover a wide variety of topics, including Gymnastics, Dancers, Calligraphy, Special Effects Makeup, Ceramics, Bakers, Ballet Dancers, Artists and even an Oddly Satisfying category full of weird videos that you just can’t help but watch on loop! Interestingly, Instagram will throw up videos around specific interests you may have — for example, if you use Insta to watch lots of beauty videos and tutorials, it will serve up video recommendations on makeup, hair tutorials, nail art, etc.

This new development comes in the wake of an exponential increase in the number of videos that are being watched and shared on the app. According to their analysis, there;s been a 150% increase in the time spent on watching videos in the app.

Next month, Instagram will also launch an in-app translation tool that will make it easier for you to understand what foreign captions say. That Russian beauty blogger whose images you love? Now you’ll totally get what she’s saying. Woot!


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