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Here’s the thing. Till very recently, I was addicted to watching videos. Every free second I got, I’d grab my mobile and start streaming something, because no matter how much stuff I watched there was still a whole world of vloggers and channels out there to discover. One day, I was honestly shocked at the amount of time I was wasting finding my next favourite video. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that my pick this week is an app that does exactly that: the Hyper app is the ultimate video aggregator that’ll help you sieve the trash from the gems.

Hyper is the app equivalent of that one cool friend who always knows what’s going on (kinda like the #HauteSquad, hmm?). The app selects “only the freshest, dopest, most informative and funniest stuff on the planet” in the form of one handpicked video every hour. Now, isn’t that neat? Hyper’s team of filmmakers, journalists, and tastemakers do all the browsing for you, and curate picks based on your interest from a plethora of sources including publications, websites, and vlogs. The app uses machine learning to give you customized picks based on your usage history.

A simple scroll through the app and you’ll be floored by how uncluttered and gorgeous the UI is, with silent preview videos taking centerstage. My absolute favourite part is the offline integration on the app. Your daily picks are collected in a playlist, which is automatically downloaded to your phone over Wifi, saving you all that data you would usually waste on browsing. So go ahead and make your life simple with Hyper, and let me know what you think about it in the comments below!

Available for iOS here.

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