Did You Know This App Is KILLING Your Phone’s Battery?

Whether you’re an Android user or an iOS loyalist, there are certain apps that drain your phone’s battery out faster than you can say Salvatore Ferragamo. (Even when you do your darnest best to conserve battery power using these helpful tips.) The biggest culprit? The Facebook app, which hungrily eats into your phone’s power reserves.

For most apps, when you turn off the ‘background refresh’ settings, they stop sucking the life out of your phone, but sadly Facebook doesn’t do that on iOS. It continues to consume battery power more than any other app installed on your phone, as written about by the technology blogger Matt Galligan in a detailed blog post. There have been reports on the same issue facing Android users as well. While Facebook says it is working on fixing it, you can understand why it consumes so much battery power, considering it has to load multiple pictures, videos, comments and so much more information on to your phone.

So what can you do while the fix is…well…being fixed? Either uninstall the app, or get yourself a super cute portable charger to juice up on the go!

Shachi Lavingia

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